Windows.ApplicationModel.Store.Preview Windows.ApplicationModel.Store.Preview Windows.ApplicationModel.Store.Preview Windows.ApplicationModel.Store.Preview Windows.ApplicationModel.Store.Preview Namespace

Provides preview APIs for various Microsoft Store-related scenarios.


DeliveryOptimizationSettings DeliveryOptimizationSettings DeliveryOptimizationSettings DeliveryOptimizationSettings DeliveryOptimizationSettings

Provides access to the Delivery Optimization settings for the current device.

StoreConfiguration StoreConfiguration StoreConfiguration StoreConfiguration StoreConfiguration

Defines static methods and properties for accessing information about the device hardware and configuring information about the system, the mobile operator, and the active user account. These members are used in various Microsoft Store scenarios.

StoreHardwareManufacturerInfo StoreHardwareManufacturerInfo StoreHardwareManufacturerInfo StoreHardwareManufacturerInfo StoreHardwareManufacturerInfo

Provides information about the manufacturer for the current device.

StorePreview StorePreview StorePreview StorePreview StorePreview

Defines static methods for retrieving the in-app product SKUs available for the current app and requesting the purchase of an in-app product SKU for the app.

StorePreviewProductInfo StorePreviewProductInfo StorePreviewProductInfo StorePreviewProductInfo StorePreviewProductInfo

Provides information about an in-app product, including details about available SKUs.

StorePreviewPurchaseResults StorePreviewPurchaseResults StorePreviewPurchaseResults StorePreviewPurchaseResults StorePreviewPurchaseResults

Contains information about the results of a purchase transaction for an in-app product SKU that was purchased by using the RequestProductPurchaseByProductIdAndSkuIdAsync method.

StorePreviewSkuInfo StorePreviewSkuInfo StorePreviewSkuInfo StorePreviewSkuInfo StorePreviewSkuInfo

Provides information about the available SKUs for an in-app product.

WebAuthenticationCoreManagerHelper WebAuthenticationCoreManagerHelper WebAuthenticationCoreManagerHelper WebAuthenticationCoreManagerHelper WebAuthenticationCoreManagerHelper

Provides the ability to host a custom UI to request an authentication token.


Access to this API is protected by a private capability that is restricted to apps that are developed by Microsoft.


DeliveryOptimizationDownloadMode DeliveryOptimizationDownloadMode DeliveryOptimizationDownloadMode DeliveryOptimizationDownloadMode DeliveryOptimizationDownloadMode

Defines values that represent the supported download mode types in the Delivery Optimization settings for the current device. The DownloadMode property returns one of these values.

DeliveryOptimizationDownloadModeSource DeliveryOptimizationDownloadModeSource DeliveryOptimizationDownloadModeSource DeliveryOptimizationDownloadModeSource DeliveryOptimizationDownloadModeSource

Defines values that represent the supported download mode sources in the Delivery Optimization settings for the current device. The DownloadModeSource property returns one of these values.

StoreLogOptions StoreLogOptions StoreLogOptions StoreLogOptions StoreLogOptions

Defines options that can be specified while using GetStoreLogDataAsync to get Microsoft Store log data for the current device.

StorePreviewProductPurchaseStatus StorePreviewProductPurchaseStatus StorePreviewProductPurchaseStatus StorePreviewProductPurchaseStatus StorePreviewProductPurchaseStatus

Defines values that are used to indicate the transaction status when purchasing an in-app product SKU by using the RequestProductPurchaseByProductIdAndSkuIdAsync method.

StoreSystemFeature StoreSystemFeature StoreSystemFeature StoreSystemFeature StoreSystemFeature

Defines values that represent hardware features that can be queried for the current device by using the FilterUnsupportedSystemFeaturesAsync method.



The APIs in this namespace are currently protected by restricted or private capabilities that are only available to apps that are developed by Microsoft.