Windows.ApplicationModel.Store.Preview.InstallControl Windows.ApplicationModel.Store.Preview.InstallControl Windows.ApplicationModel.Store.Preview.InstallControl Windows.ApplicationModel.Store.Preview.InstallControl Namespace

Provides APIs for programmatically managing the installation of apps and app updates.


AppInstallItem AppInstallItem AppInstallItem AppInstallItem

Represents an app that is in the installation queue.

AppInstallManager AppInstallManager AppInstallManager AppInstallManager

Provides members for programmatically installing apps, including the ability to start an app install and get a list of app installs currently in progress.

AppInstallManagerItemEventArgs AppInstallManagerItemEventArgs AppInstallManagerItemEventArgs AppInstallManagerItemEventArgs

Provides data for the ItemCompleted and ItemStatusChanged events.

AppInstallStatus AppInstallStatus AppInstallStatus AppInstallStatus

Describes the status of an app that is in the installation queue.

GetEntitlementResult GetEntitlementResult GetEntitlementResult GetEntitlementResult

Provides access to the result of a request to grant a free entitlement.


AppInstallState AppInstallState AppInstallState AppInstallState

Defines the app install states that are returned by the InstallState property of the AppInstallStatus class.

AppInstallType AppInstallType AppInstallType AppInstallType

Defines the different app install types that are returned by the InstallType property of the AppInstallItem class.

AutoUpdateSetting AutoUpdateSetting AutoUpdateSetting AutoUpdateSetting

Defines the automatic app update setting values that can be returned by the AutoUpdateSetting property of the AppInstallManager class.

GetEntitlementStatus GetEntitlementStatus GetEntitlementStatus GetEntitlementStatus

Defines the possible results of a request to grant a free entitlement by using the GetFreeDeviceEntitlementAsync, GetFreeUserEntitlementAsync, or GetFreeUserEntitlementForUserAsync methods.



The APIs in this namespace are protected by a private capability that is available only to apps that are developed by Microsoft.