WalletItem WalletItem WalletItem WalletItem WalletItem Class


Represents an item (data) that is stored in the wallet.

public : sealed class WalletItem
struct winrt::Windows::ApplicationModel::Wallet::WalletItem
public sealed class WalletItem
Public NotInheritable Class WalletItem
var walletItem = new walletItem(kind, displayName);

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


Use the WalletItem constructor if you're defining a new item to insert into the wallet. Use methods of WalletItemStore such as GetWalletItemAsync or GetItemsAsync if you're retrieving existing items from the wallet.

If you modify/set any of the properties in an existing WalletItem (including the WalletItemCustomProperty values in DisplayProperties ), call WalletItemStore.UpdateAsync to commit these changes to the backing store. You can see example code for this in Quickstart: Using the APIs.


WalletItem(WalletItemKind, String) WalletItem(WalletItemKind, String) WalletItem(WalletItemKind, String) WalletItem(WalletItemKind, String) WalletItem(WalletItemKind, String)

Initializes a new instance of the WalletItem class.


Barcode Barcode Barcode Barcode Barcode

Gets or sets the barcode that's representative of the wallet item.

BodyBackgroundImage BodyBackgroundImage BodyBackgroundImage BodyBackgroundImage BodyBackgroundImage

Gets or sets the background image of the body of the wallet item (uses a stream).

BodyColor BodyColor BodyColor BodyColor BodyColor

Gets or sets the body color of the wallet item.

BodyFontColor BodyFontColor BodyFontColor BodyFontColor BodyFontColor

Gets or sets the body font color of the wallet item.

DisplayMessage DisplayMessage DisplayMessage DisplayMessage DisplayMessage

Gets or sets a string that appears next to the app name in About info.

DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

Gets or sets the name or title to be displayed to the user.

DisplayProperties DisplayProperties DisplayProperties DisplayProperties DisplayProperties

Gets the collection of WalletItemCustomProperty objects associated with the wallet item.

ExpirationDate ExpirationDate ExpirationDate ExpirationDate ExpirationDate

Gets or sets the expiration date of the wallet item.

HeaderBackgroundImage HeaderBackgroundImage HeaderBackgroundImage HeaderBackgroundImage HeaderBackgroundImage

Gets or sets the header background image of the wallet item.

HeaderColor HeaderColor HeaderColor HeaderColor HeaderColor

Gets or sets the header color of the wallet item.

HeaderFontColor HeaderFontColor HeaderFontColor HeaderFontColor HeaderFontColor

Gets or sets the header font color of the wallet item.

Id Id Id Id Id

Gets the unique identifier of the wallet item.

IsAcknowledged IsAcknowledged IsAcknowledged IsAcknowledged IsAcknowledged

Gets or sets whether this item is acknowledged by the app.

IsDisplayMessageLaunchable IsDisplayMessageLaunchable IsDisplayMessageLaunchable IsDisplayMessageLaunchable IsDisplayMessageLaunchable

Gets or sets whether to launch your app when the user taps on the DisplayMessage.

IsMoreTransactionHistoryLaunchable IsMoreTransactionHistoryLaunchable IsMoreTransactionHistoryLaunchable IsMoreTransactionHistoryLaunchable IsMoreTransactionHistoryLaunchable

Gets or sets whether your app should be launched when the user taps "see more transaction history".

IssuerDisplayName IssuerDisplayName IssuerDisplayName IssuerDisplayName IssuerDisplayName

Gets or sets the issuer name of the wallet item.

Kind Kind Kind Kind Kind

Gets the type of the wallet item.

LastUpdated LastUpdated LastUpdated LastUpdated LastUpdated

Gets or sets the date and time the data for this item was last updated.

Logo159x159 Logo159x159 Logo159x159 Logo159x159 Logo159x159

Gets or sets the medium (159 x 159) logo image of the wallet item.

Logo336x336 Logo336x336 Logo336x336 Logo336x336 Logo336x336

Gets or sets the large (336 x 336) logo image of the wallet item.

Logo99x99 Logo99x99 Logo99x99 Logo99x99 Logo99x99

Gets or sets the small (99 x 99) logo image of the wallet item.

LogoImage LogoImage LogoImage LogoImage LogoImage

Gets or sets the logo image of the wallet item. Use this property for a logo that doesn't have a specified size.

LogoText LogoText LogoText LogoText LogoText

Gets or sets the logo text of the wallet item.

PromotionalImage PromotionalImage PromotionalImage PromotionalImage PromotionalImage

Gets or sets the promotional image of the wallet item.

RelevantDate RelevantDate RelevantDate RelevantDate RelevantDate

Gets or sets the date on which the item is valid.

RelevantDateDisplayMessage RelevantDateDisplayMessage RelevantDateDisplayMessage RelevantDateDisplayMessage RelevantDateDisplayMessage

Gets or sets the description of the relevant date of the wallet item.

RelevantLocations RelevantLocations RelevantLocations RelevantLocations RelevantLocations

Gets a collection of all relevant locations for the wallet item.

TransactionHistory TransactionHistory TransactionHistory TransactionHistory TransactionHistory

Gets the transaction history collection of the wallet item.

Verbs Verbs Verbs Verbs Verbs

Gets the collection of WalletVerb objects associated with the wallet item.

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