Windows.Data.Text Windows.Data.Text Windows.Data.Text Windows.Data.Text Windows.Data.Text Namespace

Provides support for identifying text segments and for determining the properties of Unicode characters.


AlternateWordForm AlternateWordForm AlternateWordForm AlternateWordForm AlternateWordForm

Identifies an alternate form of the word represented by a WordSegment object.. For example, this may contain a number in a normalized format.

SelectableWordSegment SelectableWordSegment SelectableWordSegment SelectableWordSegment SelectableWordSegment

Represents a segment from your provided text that includes a word and any trailing whitespace and/or punctuation after this word.

SelectableWordsSegmenter SelectableWordsSegmenter SelectableWordsSegmenter SelectableWordsSegmenter SelectableWordsSegmenter

A segmenter class that is able to segment provided text into units appropriate for selecting text by words.

The language supplied when this object is constructed is matched against the languages with word breakers on the system, and the best word segmentation rules available are used. The language need not be one of the app's supported languages. If there are no supported language rules available specifically for that language, the language-neutral rules are used (an implementation of Unicode Standard Annex #29 Unicode Text Segmentation), and the ResolvedLanguage property is set to "und" (undetermined language).

SemanticTextQuery SemanticTextQuery SemanticTextQuery SemanticTextQuery SemanticTextQuery

Permits apps to perform text queries using Advanced Query Syntax (AQS) strings, with the option of providing a language tag to be employed in the query.

TextConversionGenerator TextConversionGenerator TextConversionGenerator TextConversionGenerator TextConversionGenerator

Converts input phonetic characters into a collection of corresponding ideographic characters (Chinese characters).

Input of Japanese and Chinese Pinyin is supported.

TextPhoneme TextPhoneme TextPhoneme TextPhoneme TextPhoneme

Represents the result of calling the TextReverseConversionGenerator.GetPhonemesAsync method, encapsulating both the original display text and the phonemes that match the original display text.

TextPredictionGenerator TextPredictionGenerator TextPredictionGenerator TextPredictionGenerator TextPredictionGenerator

Predicts Japanese words based on a phonetic characters prefix.

TextReverseConversionGenerator TextReverseConversionGenerator TextReverseConversionGenerator TextReverseConversionGenerator TextReverseConversionGenerator

Reverse-converts a Japanese string which is mix of phonetic and ideographic characters, to a string of phonetic characters.

UnicodeCharacters UnicodeCharacters UnicodeCharacters UnicodeCharacters UnicodeCharacters

Provides a way for apps to get information about Unicode characters, per the Unicode Standard Annex #44.

WordSegment WordSegment WordSegment WordSegment WordSegment

Represents a word from your provided text.

Words in this class do not include trailing whitespace or punctuation. This class can also expose alternate forms of words, and normalized numbers, currencies, dates, and times.

WordsSegmenter WordsSegmenter WordsSegmenter WordsSegmenter WordsSegmenter

A segmenter class that is able to segment provided text into words or word stems (depending on the particular language).


TextSegment TextSegment TextSegment TextSegment TextSegment

Identifies a sub-string of a source text string. Your app can use this structure to obtain the segment of your provided text that is identified by AlternateWordForm, SelectableWordSegment, WordSegment, or SemanticTextQuery.


AlternateNormalizationFormat AlternateNormalizationFormat AlternateNormalizationFormat AlternateNormalizationFormat AlternateNormalizationFormat

Identifies the normalization format of an AlternateWordForm object.

TextPredictionOptions TextPredictionOptions TextPredictionOptions TextPredictionOptions TextPredictionOptions

Defines constants that specify text prediction options.

UnicodeGeneralCategory UnicodeGeneralCategory UnicodeGeneralCategory UnicodeGeneralCategory UnicodeGeneralCategory

Defines the Unicode general category of a character.

UnicodeNumericType UnicodeNumericType UnicodeNumericType UnicodeNumericType UnicodeNumericType

Defines the type of numeral when a Unicode character represents a number.


SelectableWordSegmentsTokenizingHandler SelectableWordSegmentsTokenizingHandler SelectableWordSegmentsTokenizingHandler SelectableWordSegmentsTokenizingHandler SelectableWordSegmentsTokenizingHandler

Defines the signature of a function that is provided to SelectableWordsSegmenter.Tokenize.

WordSegmentsTokenizingHandler WordSegmentsTokenizingHandler WordSegmentsTokenizingHandler WordSegmentsTokenizingHandler WordSegmentsTokenizingHandler

Defines the signature of a function that is provided to WordsSegmenter.Tokenize.

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