NodeType NodeType NodeType NodeType NodeType Enum


The type of an IXmlNode, as returned by the NodeType property.

public : enum class NodeType
enum class winrt::Windows::Data::Xml::Dom::NodeType : int32_t
public enum NodeType
Public Enum NodeType
var value = Windows.Data.Xml.Dom.NodeType.attributeNode;
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


AttributeNode AttributeNode AttributeNode AttributeNode AttributeNode

The node is an XmlAttribute type.

CommentNode CommentNode CommentNode CommentNode CommentNode

The node is an XmlComment type.

DataSectionNode DataSectionNode DataSectionNode DataSectionNode DataSectionNode

The node is an XmlCDataSection type.

DocumentFragmentNode DocumentFragmentNode DocumentFragmentNode DocumentFragmentNode DocumentFragmentNode

The node is an XmlDocumentFragment type.

DocumentNode DocumentNode DocumentNode DocumentNode DocumentNode

The node is an XmlDocument type.

DocumentTypeNode DocumentTypeNode DocumentTypeNode DocumentTypeNode DocumentTypeNode

The node is an XmlDocumentType type.

ElementNode ElementNode ElementNode ElementNode ElementNode

The node is an XmlElement type.

EntityNode EntityNode EntityNode EntityNode EntityNode

The node is an DtdEntity type.

EntityReferenceNode EntityReferenceNode EntityReferenceNode EntityReferenceNode EntityReferenceNode

The node is an XmlEntityReference object.

Invalid Invalid Invalid Invalid Invalid

Default value. Never used by the API.

NotationNode NotationNode NotationNode NotationNode NotationNode

The node is a DtdNotation type.

ProcessingInstructionNode ProcessingInstructionNode ProcessingInstructionNode ProcessingInstructionNode ProcessingInstructionNode

The node is an XmlProcessingInstruction type.

TextNode TextNode TextNode TextNode TextNode

The node is an XmlText type.