Windows.Devices.Display Windows.Devices.Display Windows.Devices.Display Windows.Devices.Display Windows.Devices.Display Namespace

Contains components to determine aspects of a physical display.


DisplayMonitor DisplayMonitor DisplayMonitor DisplayMonitor DisplayMonitor

Provides information about a display monitor device connected to the system.

These data include commonly used information from the monitor's Extended Display Identification Data (EDID, which is an industry-standard display descriptor block that nearly all monitors use to provide descriptions of supported modes and general device information) and DisplayID (which is a newer industry standard that provides a superset of EDID).


DisplayMonitorConnectionKind DisplayMonitorConnectionKind DisplayMonitorConnectionKind DisplayMonitorConnectionKind DisplayMonitorConnectionKind

Defines constants that specify an abstract method in which a display is connected (not specific to a physical protocol).

DisplayMonitorDescriptorKind DisplayMonitorDescriptorKind DisplayMonitorDescriptorKind DisplayMonitorDescriptorKind DisplayMonitorDescriptorKind

Defines constants that specify various kinds of display monitor hardware descriptor.

DisplayMonitorPhysicalConnectorKind DisplayMonitorPhysicalConnectorKind DisplayMonitorPhysicalConnectorKind DisplayMonitorPhysicalConnectorKind DisplayMonitorPhysicalConnectorKind

Defines constants that specify a physical connector standard used to connect a display.

DisplayMonitorUsageKind DisplayMonitorUsageKind DisplayMonitorUsageKind DisplayMonitorUsageKind DisplayMonitorUsageKind

Defines constants that specify the use to which the display is being put.