Windows.Devices.Display.Core Windows.Devices.Display.Core Windows.Devices.Display.Core Windows.Devices.Display.Core Windows.Devices.Display.Core Namespace

Provides ways to manage and present content to the hardware display pipeline for custom compositor software.

For a sample application, see the Windows.Devices.Display.Core custom compositor sample.


DisplayAdapter DisplayAdapter DisplayAdapter DisplayAdapter DisplayAdapter

Represents a hardware display controller. This is typically a GPU (graphics processing unit).

DisplayDevice DisplayDevice DisplayDevice DisplayDevice DisplayDevice

Represents a context for creating and presenting content directly to the display driver. A DisplayDevice is analogous to a Direct3D device in the Direct3D API.

DisplayFence DisplayFence DisplayFence DisplayFence DisplayFence

Represents a fence object that can be used to synchronize rendering commands between Direct3D devices and a DisplayDevice object.

DisplayManager DisplayManager DisplayManager DisplayManager DisplayManager

Manages the ownership of a DisplayTarget object or objects, and provides methods to create DisplayState objects.

DisplayManagerChangedEventArgs DisplayManagerChangedEventArgs DisplayManagerChangedEventArgs DisplayManagerChangedEventArgs DisplayManagerChangedEventArgs

Represents arguments for the Changed event.

DisplayManagerDisabledEventArgs DisplayManagerDisabledEventArgs DisplayManagerDisabledEventArgs DisplayManagerDisabledEventArgs DisplayManagerDisabledEventArgs

Represents arguments for the Disabled event.

DisplayManagerEnabledEventArgs DisplayManagerEnabledEventArgs DisplayManagerEnabledEventArgs DisplayManagerEnabledEventArgs DisplayManagerEnabledEventArgs

Represents arguments for the Enabled event.

DisplayManagerPathsFailedOrInvalidatedEventArgs DisplayManagerPathsFailedOrInvalidatedEventArgs DisplayManagerPathsFailedOrInvalidatedEventArgs DisplayManagerPathsFailedOrInvalidatedEventArgs DisplayManagerPathsFailedOrInvalidatedEventArgs

Represents arguments for the PathsFailedOrInvalidated event.

DisplayManagerResultWithState DisplayManagerResultWithState DisplayManagerResultWithState DisplayManagerResultWithState DisplayManagerResultWithState

Contains the status of a DisplayManager operation, and a resulting DisplayState if the operation was successful.

DisplayModeInfo DisplayModeInfo DisplayModeInfo DisplayModeInfo DisplayModeInfo

Describes valid combinations of properties for a DisplayPath. The property values on this object can be set on a DisplayPath using the ApplyPropertiesFromMode method. Note that this object refers to a range of valid wire formats, not just one specific wire format.

DisplayPath DisplayPath DisplayPath DisplayPath DisplayPath

Represents a display pipeline path from a logical "source" to a DisplayTarget. A logical source provides a frame buffer, in a format described by the source properties. The display pipeline composes the source content and transforms it into the format described by the target properties.

DisplayPrimaryDescription DisplayPrimaryDescription DisplayPrimaryDescription DisplayPrimaryDescription DisplayPrimaryDescription

Describes a set of properties that are used for allocating DisplaySurface objects using CreatePrimary.

DisplayScanout DisplayScanout DisplayScanout DisplayScanout DisplayScanout

Represents a set of validated parameters to scan out content to a source. A DisplayScanout can be assigned to a DisplayTask and executed on a DisplayTaskPool.

DisplaySource DisplaySource DisplaySource DisplaySource DisplaySource

Provides ownership of a source, allowing the owner to present frames.

DisplayState DisplayState DisplayState DisplayState DisplayState

Represents a slice in time of display pipeline state for a subset of the system's display targets. If IsReadOnly is false, then this object can be modified by connecting targets that are owned by the caller's DisplayManager, or by modifying path properties. Modifying a DisplayState object, or its child objects, does not directly modify the system's display state until you call TryApply.

DisplayStateOperationResult DisplayStateOperationResult DisplayStateOperationResult DisplayStateOperationResult DisplayStateOperationResult

Contains the status of a DisplayState operation.

DisplaySurface DisplaySurface DisplaySurface DisplaySurface DisplaySurface

A 2D pixel buffer that was allocated to be compatible with scanning out to one or more DisplaySource objects.

DisplayTarget DisplayTarget DisplayTarget DisplayTarget DisplayTarget

Represents a slice in time of a logical "target" for the display pipeline. This is typically analogous to a physical connector on a GPU, such as an HDMI port, but it can be a virtual target representing daisy-chained DisplayPort targets.

DisplayTask DisplayTask DisplayTask DisplayTask DisplayTask

Represents a set of operations that can be queued and executed atomically by display hardware.

DisplayTaskPool DisplayTaskPool DisplayTaskPool DisplayTaskPool DisplayTaskPool

Provides methods to allocate and execute tasks on a DisplayDevice.

DisplayView DisplayView DisplayView DisplayView DisplayView

Represents a group of DisplayPath objects that are logically cloned together.

DisplayWireFormat DisplayWireFormat DisplayWireFormat DisplayWireFormat DisplayWireFormat

Specifies an exact hardware representation used to scan out; such as the pixel encoding, bits per channel, color space, and HDR metadata format.


DisplayPresentationRate DisplayPresentationRate DisplayPresentationRate DisplayPresentationRate DisplayPresentationRate

Describes an overall presentation rate composed of a rational refresh rate and a divider.


DisplayBitsPerChannel DisplayBitsPerChannel DisplayBitsPerChannel DisplayBitsPerChannel DisplayBitsPerChannel

Defines constants that specify a number of bits per channel, as flags.

DisplayDeviceCapability DisplayDeviceCapability DisplayDeviceCapability DisplayDeviceCapability DisplayDeviceCapability

Defines constants that specify a capability of a DisplayDevice.

DisplayManagerOptions DisplayManagerOptions DisplayManagerOptions DisplayManagerOptions DisplayManagerOptions

Defines constants that specify options for the DisplayManager.

DisplayManagerResult DisplayManagerResult DisplayManagerResult DisplayManagerResult DisplayManagerResult

Defines constants that specify the result of a DisplayManager operation.

DisplayModeQueryOptions DisplayModeQueryOptions DisplayModeQueryOptions DisplayModeQueryOptions DisplayModeQueryOptions

Defines constants that specify options for a mode query operation.

DisplayPathScaling DisplayPathScaling DisplayPathScaling DisplayPathScaling DisplayPathScaling

Defines constants that specify how to scale content from a frame buffer to a target.

DisplayPathStatus DisplayPathStatus DisplayPathStatus DisplayPathStatus DisplayPathStatus

Defines constants that specify the last status of the path in the system, captured when the DisplayState was last created or applied.

DisplayRotation DisplayRotation DisplayRotation DisplayRotation DisplayRotation

Defines constants that specify how to rotate content from a frame buffer to a target.

DisplayStateApplyOptions DisplayStateApplyOptions DisplayStateApplyOptions DisplayStateApplyOptions DisplayStateApplyOptions

Defines constants that specify options for applying a DisplayState to the system.

DisplayStateFunctionalizeOptions DisplayStateFunctionalizeOptions DisplayStateFunctionalizeOptions DisplayStateFunctionalizeOptions DisplayStateFunctionalizeOptions

Defines constants that specify options for functionalizing a DisplayState with the system.

DisplayStateOperationStatus DisplayStateOperationStatus DisplayStateOperationStatus DisplayStateOperationStatus DisplayStateOperationStatus

Defines constants that specify the result of a DisplayState operation.

DisplayTargetPersistence DisplayTargetPersistence DisplayTargetPersistence DisplayTargetPersistence DisplayTargetPersistence

Defines constants that specify how a monitor connected to a target should be virtually persisted when the hardware no longer reports any connected monitor.

DisplayTaskSignalKind DisplayTaskSignalKind DisplayTaskSignalKind DisplayTaskSignalKind DisplayTaskSignalKind

Defines constants that specify a signal kind.

DisplayWireFormatColorSpace DisplayWireFormatColorSpace DisplayWireFormatColorSpace DisplayWireFormatColorSpace DisplayWireFormatColorSpace

Defines constants that specify a color space, typically defined by combinations of three color primaries (red, green, and blue).

DisplayWireFormatEotf DisplayWireFormatEotf DisplayWireFormatEotf DisplayWireFormatEotf DisplayWireFormatEotf

Defines constants that specify an electro-optical transfer function (EOTF) for encoded pixels. The EOTF defines how a pixel's encoded value is transformed to an optical brightness on a hardware display.

DisplayWireFormatHdrMetadata DisplayWireFormatHdrMetadata DisplayWireFormatHdrMetadata DisplayWireFormatHdrMetadata DisplayWireFormatHdrMetadata

Defines constants that specify a format for HDR mastering metadata embedded in a pixel bitstream. HDR mastering metadata typically defines how a video stream should be adapted for playback on specific display hardware.

DisplayWireFormatPixelEncoding DisplayWireFormatPixelEncoding DisplayWireFormatPixelEncoding DisplayWireFormatPixelEncoding DisplayWireFormatPixelEncoding

Defines constants that specify the color model and chroma subsampling format used to encode pixel data.

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