Windows.Gaming.Input.Custom Windows.Gaming.Input.Custom Windows.Gaming.Input.Custom Windows.Gaming.Input.Custom Namespace

Contains APIs enabling equipment manufacturers to write custom WinRT (Windows Runtime) class libraries for their devices.


GameControllerFactoryManager GameControllerFactoryManager GameControllerFactoryManager GameControllerFactoryManager

Manages factories for custom controllers.

GipFirmwareUpdateResult GipFirmwareUpdateResult GipFirmwareUpdateResult GipFirmwareUpdateResult

The result of an update operation.

GipGameControllerProvider GipGameControllerProvider GipGameControllerProvider GipGameControllerProvider

Represents a physical game controller connected to the system using GIP.SYS (for Xbox One accesories).

HidGameControllerProvider HidGameControllerProvider HidGameControllerProvider HidGameControllerProvider

Represents the underlying device for a HID (Human Interface Device) game controller.

XusbGameControllerProvider XusbGameControllerProvider XusbGameControllerProvider XusbGameControllerProvider

Represents the physical game controller devices connected to the system using XUSB22.SYS (for Xbox 360 accessories).


GameControllerVersionInfo GameControllerVersionInfo GameControllerVersionInfo GameControllerVersionInfo

Contains information on the game controller version.

GipFirmwareUpdateProgress GipFirmwareUpdateProgress GipFirmwareUpdateProgress GipFirmwareUpdateProgress

Indicates the progress of a firmware update operation.


ICustomGameControllerFactory ICustomGameControllerFactory ICustomGameControllerFactory ICustomGameControllerFactory

Represents a factory for creating a custom controller type.

IGameControllerInputSink IGameControllerInputSink IGameControllerInputSink IGameControllerInputSink

Base interface that defines the interfaces necessary to write a custom game controller class.

IGameControllerProvider IGameControllerProvider IGameControllerProvider IGameControllerProvider

Base interface that represents the physical game controller devices connected to the system.

IGipGameControllerInputSink IGipGameControllerInputSink IGipGameControllerInputSink IGipGameControllerInputSink

Defines the methods necessary for a custom Gip controller interface.

IHidGameControllerInputSink IHidGameControllerInputSink IHidGameControllerInputSink IHidGameControllerInputSink

Defines the methods necessary for a custom HID (Human Interface Device) controller interface.

IXusbGameControllerInputSink IXusbGameControllerInputSink IXusbGameControllerInputSink IXusbGameControllerInputSink

Defines the methods necessary for a custom Xusb controller interface.


GipFirmwareUpdateStatus GipFirmwareUpdateStatus GipFirmwareUpdateStatus GipFirmwareUpdateStatus

Indicates the state of a firmware update operation.

GipMessageClass GipMessageClass GipMessageClass GipMessageClass

The class of a Gip message.

XusbDeviceSubtype XusbDeviceSubtype XusbDeviceSubtype XusbDeviceSubtype

The device subtype of the controller.

XusbDeviceType XusbDeviceType XusbDeviceType XusbDeviceType

The device type of the controller.


It is important to be aware that the APIs in this namespace are not targeted at apps; in fact, no app should ever call these APIs directly. This namespace is only meant to provide a framework for authoring WinRT component libraries, and it is those libraries (and the APIs they expose) that apps will ultimately consume. As such, these APIs are focused primarily on low-level, raw access to game controller devices.