FlightStick FlightStick FlightStick FlightStick FlightStick Class


Represents a flight stick.

public : sealed class FlightStick : IGameController, IGameControllerBatteryInfo
struct winrt::Windows::Gaming::Input::FlightStick : IGameController, IGameControllerBatteryInfo
public sealed class FlightStick : IGameController, IGameControllerBatteryInfo
Public NotInheritable Class FlightStick Implements IGameController, IGameControllerBatteryInfo
// This class does not provide a public constructor.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 Creators Update (introduced v10.0.15063.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v4)


FlightStick is targeted at simple, arcade-style flight games. It provides several basic inputs, which are derived from the lowest common denominator of inputs available across the majority of popular flight stick devices. These inputs include:

  • Two buttons for firing primary and secondary weapons.
  • A hat switch for camera view and/or target selection.
  • Axis data for pitch, roll, yaw, and throttle position.

Instances of the FlightStick class cannot be created directly; instead, instances of the class are retrieved through the FlightStick.FlightSticks property listing all connected flight sticks or through the FlightStick.FlightStickAdded event.

See Flight stick for more information about how to use the FlightStick class.

Supported Devices

FlightStick supports any Xbox One-certified or Xbox 360-compatible flight stick.


FlightSticks FlightSticks FlightSticks FlightSticks FlightSticks

The list of all connected flight sticks.

HatSwitchKind HatSwitchKind HatSwitchKind HatSwitchKind HatSwitchKind

The type of hat switch on the flight stick.

Headset Headset Headset Headset Headset

The audio headset attached to the flight stick.

IsWireless IsWireless IsWireless IsWireless IsWireless

Gets a value that indicates the wireless state of the flight stick.

User User User User User

The user associated with the flight stick.


FromGameController(IGameController) FromGameController(IGameController) FromGameController(IGameController) FromGameController(IGameController) FromGameController(IGameController)

Returns the given game controller as a flight stick.

GetButtonLabel(FlightStickButtons) GetButtonLabel(FlightStickButtons) GetButtonLabel(FlightStickButtons) GetButtonLabel(FlightStickButtons) GetButtonLabel(FlightStickButtons)

Retrieves the button label for the specified button.

GetCurrentReading() GetCurrentReading() GetCurrentReading() GetCurrentReading() GetCurrentReading()

Gets a snapshot of the flight stick state.

TryGetBatteryReport() TryGetBatteryReport() TryGetBatteryReport() TryGetBatteryReport() TryGetBatteryReport()

Gets information about the flight stick's current battery state.


FlightStickAdded FlightStickAdded FlightStickAdded FlightStickAdded FlightStickAdded

Signals when a new flight stick is connected.

FlightStickRemoved FlightStickRemoved FlightStickRemoved FlightStickRemoved FlightStickRemoved

Signals when a flight stick is disconnected.

HeadsetConnected HeadsetConnected HeadsetConnected HeadsetConnected HeadsetConnected

Signals when a headset is attached to the flight stick.

HeadsetDisconnected HeadsetDisconnected HeadsetDisconnected HeadsetDisconnected HeadsetDisconnected

Signals when a headset is disconnected from the flight stick.

UserChanged UserChanged UserChanged UserChanged UserChanged

Signals when the user associated with the flight stick has changed.

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