Windows.Gaming.Input.ForceFeedback Windows.Gaming.Input.ForceFeedback Windows.Gaming.Input.ForceFeedback Windows.Gaming.Input.ForceFeedback Windows.Gaming.Input.ForceFeedback Namespace

Contains APIs for controlling the force feedback motor on a controller.


ConditionForceEffect ConditionForceEffect ConditionForceEffect ConditionForceEffect ConditionForceEffect

Conditional force effects are forces applied in response to current sensor values within the device. In other words, conditional force effects require information about device motion, such as position or velocity of a joystick handle. In general, conditional force effects are not associated with individual events during a game or other application. They represent ambient phenomena, such as the stiffness or looseness of a flight stick, or the tendency of a steering wheel to return to a straight-ahead position. A conditional force effect does not have a predefined magnitude. The magnitude is scaled in proportion to the movement or position of the input object.

ConstantForceEffect ConstantForceEffect ConstantForceEffect ConstantForceEffect ConstantForceEffect

A force feedback effect which applies a constant force along a vector.

ForceFeedbackMotor ForceFeedbackMotor ForceFeedbackMotor ForceFeedbackMotor ForceFeedbackMotor

Encapsulates the force feedback hardware for a given input device.

PeriodicForceEffect PeriodicForceEffect PeriodicForceEffect PeriodicForceEffect PeriodicForceEffect

A force feedback effect which applies a varying force, defined by a waveform, along a vector.

RampForceEffect RampForceEffect RampForceEffect RampForceEffect RampForceEffect

A force feedback effect which applies a linearly increasing or decreasing force along a vector.


IForceFeedbackEffect IForceFeedbackEffect IForceFeedbackEffect IForceFeedbackEffect IForceFeedbackEffect

Describes a force feedback effect.


ConditionForceEffectKind ConditionForceEffectKind ConditionForceEffectKind ConditionForceEffectKind ConditionForceEffectKind

The type of the force feedback effect.

ForceFeedbackEffectAxes ForceFeedbackEffectAxes ForceFeedbackEffectAxes ForceFeedbackEffectAxes ForceFeedbackEffectAxes

The axes the force feedback effect applies to.

ForceFeedbackEffectState ForceFeedbackEffectState ForceFeedbackEffectState ForceFeedbackEffectState ForceFeedbackEffectState

The current state of a force feedback effect.

ForceFeedbackLoadEffectResult ForceFeedbackLoadEffectResult ForceFeedbackLoadEffectResult ForceFeedbackLoadEffectResult ForceFeedbackLoadEffectResult

The results of an attempt to load a force feedback effect.

PeriodicForceEffectKind PeriodicForceEffectKind PeriodicForceEffectKind PeriodicForceEffectKind PeriodicForceEffectKind

The type of the periodic force feedback effect.