Windows.Graphics.Display Windows.Graphics.Display Windows.Graphics.Display Windows.Graphics.Display Windows.Graphics.Display Namespace

Contains components to determine aspects of a physical display.


AdvancedColorInfo AdvancedColorInfo AdvancedColorInfo AdvancedColorInfo AdvancedColorInfo

Contains a snapshot of the Advanced Color-related information of a monitor or display driver.

BrightnessOverride BrightnessOverride BrightnessOverride BrightnessOverride BrightnessOverride

Overrides the screen brightness level setting on a device. This API provides the ability to have per-application brightness control on devices that support controllable brightness. Use the BrightnessOverride object to override the user's brightness level setting temporarily or permanently.

BrightnessOverrideSettings BrightnessOverrideSettings BrightnessOverrideSettings BrightnessOverrideSettings BrightnessOverrideSettings

Contains the settings to use when overriding the screen brightness with DisplayEnhancementOverride on a device.

ColorOverrideSettings ColorOverrideSettings ColorOverrideSettings ColorOverrideSettings ColorOverrideSettings

Contains the settings to use when overriding the screen color settings with DisplayEnhancementOverride on a device.

DisplayEnhancementOverride DisplayEnhancementOverride DisplayEnhancementOverride DisplayEnhancementOverride DisplayEnhancementOverride

Contains the base features that describe how to override setting displays.

DisplayEnhancementOverrideCapabilities DisplayEnhancementOverrideCapabilities DisplayEnhancementOverrideCapabilities DisplayEnhancementOverrideCapabilities DisplayEnhancementOverrideCapabilities

Describes the capabilities of a display enhancement override object.

DisplayEnhancementOverrideCapabilitiesChangedEventArgs DisplayEnhancementOverrideCapabilitiesChangedEventArgs DisplayEnhancementOverrideCapabilitiesChangedEventArgs DisplayEnhancementOverrideCapabilitiesChangedEventArgs DisplayEnhancementOverrideCapabilitiesChangedEventArgs

Provides the arguments returned by the event raised when the display enhancement override changes.

DisplayInformation DisplayInformation DisplayInformation DisplayInformation DisplayInformation

Monitors and controls display-related information for an application view. The class provides events to allow clients to monitor for changes in the application view affecting which display(s) the view resides on, as well as changes in displays that can affect the application view.

DisplayProperties DisplayProperties DisplayProperties DisplayProperties DisplayProperties


DisplayProperties may be altered or unavailable for releases after Windows 8.1. Instead, use DisplayInformation.

Provides various properties that are related to the physical display. For most of these properties, the class provides events to allow clients to monitor for changes in the properties.


NitRange NitRange NitRange NitRange NitRange

Describes the minimum, maximum, and step size you can use when using nits to describe brightness on a device.


AdvancedColorKind AdvancedColorKind AdvancedColorKind AdvancedColorKind AdvancedColorKind

Describes what kind of Advanced Color the display supports.

DisplayBrightnessOverrideOptions DisplayBrightnessOverrideOptions DisplayBrightnessOverrideOptions DisplayBrightnessOverrideOptions DisplayBrightnessOverrideOptions

Describes the options that modify the brightness level of the screen during the override session. When UseDimmedPolicyWhenBatteryIsLow is set, it reduces the specified override brightness level in order to conserve battery if the device battery is low during the override session. For example, if the override brightness level is set to 100% and UseDimmedPolicyWhenBatteryIsLow is set, the screen will dim to 70% instead.

DisplayBrightnessOverrideScenario DisplayBrightnessOverrideScenario DisplayBrightnessOverrideScenario DisplayBrightnessOverrideScenario DisplayBrightnessOverrideScenario

Represents the brightness scenarios that a BrightnessOverrideSettings object can request.

DisplayBrightnessScenario DisplayBrightnessScenario DisplayBrightnessScenario DisplayBrightnessScenario DisplayBrightnessScenario

Describes common brightness scenarios that have well-known brightness levels. These scenarios are used in the GetLevelForScenario() and SetBrightnessScenario() methods.

DisplayColorOverrideScenario DisplayColorOverrideScenario DisplayColorOverrideScenario DisplayColorOverrideScenario DisplayColorOverrideScenario

Represents the color scenarios that a ColorOverrideSettings object can request.

DisplayOrientations DisplayOrientations DisplayOrientations DisplayOrientations DisplayOrientations

Describes the orientation of a rectangular monitor.

HdrMetadataFormat HdrMetadataFormat HdrMetadataFormat HdrMetadataFormat HdrMetadataFormat

Describes the HDR metadata format.

ResolutionScale ResolutionScale ResolutionScale ResolutionScale ResolutionScale

Describes the scale factor of the immersive environment. The scale factor is determined by the operating system in response to high pixel density screens.


DisplayPropertiesEventHandler DisplayPropertiesEventHandler DisplayPropertiesEventHandler DisplayPropertiesEventHandler DisplayPropertiesEventHandler


The DisplayProperties type and related event handlers may be altered or unavailable for releases after Windows 8.1. Instead, use DisplayInformation.

Represents a method that handles display property events.

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