Windows.Graphics.Display.Core Windows.Graphics.Display.Core Windows.Graphics.Display.Core Windows.Graphics.Display.Core Windows.Graphics.Display.Core Namespace

Gets info about a display and configures their settings to support the display of your content.


HdmiDisplayInformation HdmiDisplayInformation HdmiDisplayInformation HdmiDisplayInformation HdmiDisplayInformation

Represents a class containing methods which can be used to interact with the display.

HdmiDisplayMode HdmiDisplayMode HdmiDisplayMode HdmiDisplayMode HdmiDisplayMode

Represents the display mode of a connected device such as a TV or a monitor. It provides info about the display capabilities of the device, such as the number of bits per pixel, colorspace, type of pixel encoding, refresh rate, and more.


HdmiDisplayHdr2086Metadata HdmiDisplayHdr2086Metadata HdmiDisplayHdr2086Metadata HdmiDisplayHdr2086Metadata HdmiDisplayHdr2086Metadata

Describes the 10 bit display metadata which is usually used for video. This is used to adjust the output to best match a display's capabilities.


HdmiDisplayColorSpace HdmiDisplayColorSpace HdmiDisplayColorSpace HdmiDisplayColorSpace HdmiDisplayColorSpace

Describes the types of standard color spaces for display monitors.

HdmiDisplayHdrOption HdmiDisplayHdrOption HdmiDisplayHdrOption HdmiDisplayHdrOption HdmiDisplayHdrOption

Defines constants that specify the high dynamic range (HDR) options of a connected device such as a TV or a monitor.

HdmiDisplayPixelEncoding HdmiDisplayPixelEncoding HdmiDisplayPixelEncoding HdmiDisplayPixelEncoding HdmiDisplayPixelEncoding

Describes the types of pixel encoding format.