Windows.Graphics.Printing.PrintTicket Windows.Graphics.Printing.PrintTicket Windows.Graphics.Printing.PrintTicket Windows.Graphics.Printing.PrintTicket Windows.Graphics.Printing.PrintTicket Namespace

This namespace provides Windows Runtime classes that serve as wrappers over the Print Schema COM interfaces. This allows for the easy configuration of print job instructions from within a UWP print workflow app.


PrintTicketCapabilities PrintTicketCapabilities PrintTicketCapabilities PrintTicketCapabilities PrintTicketCapabilities

This class presents the configuration options that are supported by the printer. It contains read-only print feature objects with certain options available for each.

PrintTicketFeature PrintTicketFeature PrintTicketFeature PrintTicketFeature PrintTicketFeature

Represents a modifiable feature of the print ticket. A feature is a device capability that has an enumerable list of settings, unlike a parameter which can be set to values within a range.

PrintTicketOption PrintTicketOption PrintTicketOption PrintTicketOption PrintTicketOption

Represents a single possible setting for a print feature.

PrintTicketParameterDefinition PrintTicketParameterDefinition PrintTicketParameterDefinition PrintTicketParameterDefinition PrintTicketParameterDefinition

Represents the definition and value characteristics of a print parameter.

PrintTicketParameterInitializer PrintTicketParameterInitializer PrintTicketParameterInitializer PrintTicketParameterInitializer PrintTicketParameterInitializer

Represents a the selected setting for a printing parameter. A printing parameter is a device capability that can be set to values within a range, unlike a feature which has an enumerable list of settings.

PrintTicketValue PrintTicketValue PrintTicketValue PrintTicketValue PrintTicketValue

Represents a value of a printing parameter or print option property.

WorkflowPrintTicket WorkflowPrintTicket WorkflowPrintTicket WorkflowPrintTicket WorkflowPrintTicket

This class represents an XML PrintTicket document and allows it to be modified easily. The PrintTicket document contains instructions on how the printer should set its various features for a printing task.

WorkflowPrintTicketValidationResult WorkflowPrintTicketValidationResult WorkflowPrintTicketValidationResult WorkflowPrintTicketValidationResult WorkflowPrintTicketValidationResult

Represents the result of a print ticket validation.


PrintTicketFeatureSelectionType PrintTicketFeatureSelectionType PrintTicketFeatureSelectionType PrintTicketFeatureSelectionType PrintTicketFeatureSelectionType

Contains values that describe the selection type of a print ticket feature. This indicates whether the user can select only one option or multiple for a feature.

PrintTicketParameterDataType PrintTicketParameterDataType PrintTicketParameterDataType PrintTicketParameterDataType PrintTicketParameterDataType

Contains values that describe the data type of a print ticket parameter.

PrintTicketValueType PrintTicketValueType PrintTicketValueType PrintTicketValueType PrintTicketValueType

Contains values that describe the types of print values.

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