IAudioInputNode2 IAudioInputNode2 IAudioInputNode2 IAudioInputNode2 IAudioInputNode2 Interface


The interface implemented by audio input nodes that support spatial audio.

public : interface IAudioInputNode2 : IClosable, IAudioInputNode, IAudioNode
struct winrt::Windows::Media::Audio::IAudioInputNode2 : IClosable, IAudioInputNode, IAudioNode
public interface IAudioInputNode2 : IDisposable, IAudioInputNode, IAudioNode
Public Interface IAudioInputNode2 Implements IDisposable, IAudioInputNode, IAudioNode
// You can't instantiate an interface directly in JavaScript. You can use objects that implement the interface, however.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (introduced v10.0.14393.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v3)


ConsumeInput ConsumeInput ConsumeInput ConsumeInput ConsumeInput

Gets or sets a value indicating if the audio node consumes input.

(Inherited from IAudioNode)
EffectDefinitions EffectDefinitions EffectDefinitions EffectDefinitions EffectDefinitions

Gets the list of effect definitions for the audio node.

(Inherited from IAudioNode)
Emitter Emitter Emitter Emitter Emitter

Gets the AudioNodeEmitter that describes the position and other physical characteristics of the emitter from which the audio input node audio is emitted when spatial audio processing is used.

EncodingProperties EncodingProperties EncodingProperties EncodingProperties EncodingProperties

Gets the encoding properties for the audio node.

(Inherited from IAudioNode)
OutgoingConnections OutgoingConnections OutgoingConnections OutgoingConnections OutgoingConnections

Gets outgoing connections for the audio input node.

(Inherited from IAudioInputNode)
OutgoingGain OutgoingGain OutgoingGain OutgoingGain OutgoingGain

Gets or sets the outgoing gain for the audio node.

(Inherited from IAudioNode)


AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode) AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode) AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode) AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode) AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode)

Adds an outgoing connection to the audio input node.

(Inherited from IAudioInputNode)
AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode,Double) AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode,Double) AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode,Double) AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode,Double) AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode,Double)

Adds an outgoing connection with gain to the audio input node.

(Inherited from IAudioInputNode)
Close Close Close Close Close

Releases system resources that are exposed by a Windows Runtime object.

.NET This interface appears as System.IDisposable.

C++/CX This interface appears as Platform::IDisposable.

(Inherited from IClosable)
DisableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition) DisableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition) DisableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition) DisableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition) DisableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition)

Disables all effects in the EffectDefinitions list with the specified effect definition.

(Inherited from IAudioNode)
EnableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition) EnableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition) EnableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition) EnableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition) EnableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition)

Enables all effects in the EffectDefinitions list with the specified effect definition.

(Inherited from IAudioNode)
RemoveOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode) RemoveOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode) RemoveOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode) RemoveOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode) RemoveOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode)

Removes the outgoing connection from the audio input node to the specified node.

(Inherited from IAudioInputNode)
Reset Reset Reset Reset Reset

Resets the audio node.

(Inherited from IAudioNode)
Start Start Start Start Start

Starts the audio node.

(Inherited from IAudioNode)
Stop Stop Stop Stop Stop

Stops the audio node.

(Inherited from IAudioNode)

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