MediaSourceAudioInputNode MediaSourceAudioInputNode MediaSourceAudioInputNode MediaSourceAudioInputNode MediaSourceAudioInputNode Class


Represents a node in an audio graph that inputs audio data into the graph from a MediaSource object.

public : sealed class MediaSourceAudioInputNode : IClosable, IAudioInputNode, IAudioInputNode2, IAudioNode
struct winrt::Windows::Media::Audio::MediaSourceAudioInputNode : IClosable, IAudioInputNode, IAudioInputNode2, IAudioNode
public sealed class MediaSourceAudioInputNode : IDisposable, IAudioInputNode, IAudioInputNode2, IAudioNode
Public NotInheritable Class MediaSourceAudioInputNode Implements IDisposable, IAudioInputNode, IAudioInputNode2, IAudioNode
// This class does not provide a public constructor.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10, version 1803 (introduced v10.0.17134.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v6)


The MediaSource class provides a common representation of media content from different kinds of sources, such as files or network streams. For more information on working with MediaSource, see Media items, playlists, and tracks.

Get an instance of this class by calling AudioGraph.CreateMediaSourceAudioInputNode and then accessing the CreateFileInputNodeResult.FileInputNode property.


ConsumeInput ConsumeInput ConsumeInput ConsumeInput ConsumeInput

Gets or sets a value indicating if the MediaSource input node consumes input.

Duration Duration Duration Duration Duration

Gets the duration for the media content represented by the MediaSource associated with the node.

EffectDefinitions EffectDefinitions EffectDefinitions EffectDefinitions EffectDefinitions

Gets the list of effect definitions for the MediaSource node. The effects in the list process audio data that flows through the node in the order in which they appear in the list.

Emitter Emitter Emitter Emitter Emitter

Gets the AudioNodeEmitter that describes the position and other physical characteristics of the emitter from which the AudioSubmixNode output audio is emitted when spatial audio processing is used.

EncodingProperties EncodingProperties EncodingProperties EncodingProperties EncodingProperties

Gets the encoding properties for the audio device submix node.

EndTime EndTime EndTime EndTime EndTime

Gets or sets the end time for the MediaSource input node, which determines when playback of the media content ends.

LoopCount LoopCount LoopCount LoopCount LoopCount

Gets or sets the loop count of the MediaSource input node.

MediaSource MediaSource MediaSource MediaSource MediaSource

Gets the MediaSource associated with the audio input node.

OutgoingConnections OutgoingConnections OutgoingConnections OutgoingConnections OutgoingConnections

Gets the list of outgoing connections from the MediaSource input node to other nodes in the audio graph.

OutgoingGain OutgoingGain OutgoingGain OutgoingGain OutgoingGain

Gets or sets the outgoing gain for the MediaSource audio input node.

PlaybackSpeedFactor PlaybackSpeedFactor PlaybackSpeedFactor PlaybackSpeedFactor PlaybackSpeedFactor

Gets or sets the playback speed factor for the MediaSource audio input node.

Position Position Position Position Position

Gets the playback position of the MediaSource input node.

StartTime StartTime StartTime StartTime StartTime

Gets or sets the start time for the MediaSource input node.


AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode) AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode) AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode) AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode) AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode)

Adds an outgoing connection with gain to the MediaSource input node.

AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode, Double) AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode, Double) AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode, Double) AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode, Double) AddOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode, Double)

Adds an outgoing connection with gain to the MediaSource input node.

Close() Close() Close() Close() Close()

Closes the MediaSource input node and disposes of associated resources.

DisableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition) DisableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition) DisableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition) DisableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition) DisableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition)

Disables all effects in the EffectDefinitions list with the specified effect definition.

Dispose() Dispose() Dispose() Dispose() Dispose()

Performs application-defined tasks associated with freeing, releasing, or resetting unmanaged resources.

EnableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition) EnableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition) EnableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition) EnableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition) EnableEffectsByDefinition(IAudioEffectDefinition)

Enables all effects in the EffectDefinitions list with the specified effect definition.

RemoveOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode) RemoveOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode) RemoveOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode) RemoveOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode) RemoveOutgoingConnection(IAudioNode)

Removes the outgoing connection from the MediaSource audio input node to the specified node.

Reset() Reset() Reset() Reset() Reset()

Resets the MediaSource audio input node.

Seek(TimeSpan) Seek(TimeSpan) Seek(TimeSpan) Seek(TimeSpan) Seek(TimeSpan)

Moves the playback position of the node to the specified time within the media content.

Start() Start() Start() Start() Start()

Starts the MediaSource input node.

Stop() Stop() Stop() Stop() Stop()

Stops the audio file output node.


MediaSourceCompleted MediaSourceCompleted MediaSourceCompleted MediaSourceCompleted MediaSourceCompleted

Occurs when the playback position reaches the end of the media content or the position specified with the EndTime property.