Windows.Media.Capture.Frames Windows.Media.Capture.Frames Windows.Media.Capture.Frames Windows.Media.Capture.Frames Windows.Media.Capture.Frames Namespace

This namespace provides APIs for obtaining media frames from one or more MediaFrameSource objects representing capture devices.

MediaFrameSourceGroup objects are used to discover groups of media frame sources that can be used simultaneously. A MediaFrameReader is used to acquire frames from a frame source. Frames can arrive in several different formats depending on what type of media frame source is providing the frames. Frame types include VideoMediaFrame, DepthMediaFrame, InfraredMediaFrame, and BufferMediaFrame.

For how-to guidance on using MediaFrameSource to capture frames, see Process media frames with MediaFrameReader.


AudioMediaFrame AudioMediaFrame AudioMediaFrame AudioMediaFrame AudioMediaFrame

Represents a frame of audio data retreived from a MediaFrameSource.

BufferMediaFrame BufferMediaFrame BufferMediaFrame BufferMediaFrame BufferMediaFrame

Represents a frame from a MediaFrameSource that provides data in an IBuffer.

DepthMediaFrame DepthMediaFrame DepthMediaFrame DepthMediaFrame DepthMediaFrame

Represents a VideoMediaFrame that contains depth video data.

DepthMediaFrameFormat DepthMediaFrameFormat DepthMediaFrameFormat DepthMediaFrameFormat DepthMediaFrameFormat

Describes the format of a DepthMediaFrame.

InfraredMediaFrame InfraredMediaFrame InfraredMediaFrame InfraredMediaFrame InfraredMediaFrame

Represents a VideoMediaFrame that contains infrared video data.

MediaFrameArrivedEventArgs MediaFrameArrivedEventArgs MediaFrameArrivedEventArgs MediaFrameArrivedEventArgs MediaFrameArrivedEventArgs

Provides data for the MediaFrameReader.FrameArrived event.

MediaFrameFormat MediaFrameFormat MediaFrameFormat MediaFrameFormat MediaFrameFormat

Describes the format of a media frame obtained from a MediaFrameSource and represented by a MediaFrameReference.

MediaFrameReader MediaFrameReader MediaFrameReader MediaFrameReader MediaFrameReader

Provides access to frames from a MediaFrameSource and notification when a new frame arrives.

MediaFrameReference MediaFrameReference MediaFrameReference MediaFrameReference MediaFrameReference

A wrapper class that represents a frame obtained from a MediaFrameSource. Use the properties of this class to access the specific frame type provided by the source, such as a VideoMediaFrame or BufferMediaFrame.

MediaFrameSource MediaFrameSource MediaFrameSource MediaFrameSource MediaFrameSource

Represents a source of media frames, such as a color or infrared camera.

MediaFrameSourceController MediaFrameSourceController MediaFrameSourceController MediaFrameSourceController MediaFrameSourceController

Allows you to get and set properties of a MediaFrameSource and to get a VideoDeviceController, which provides camera controls such as exposure, focus, and zoom.

MediaFrameSourceGetPropertyResult MediaFrameSourceGetPropertyResult MediaFrameSourceGetPropertyResult MediaFrameSourceGetPropertyResult MediaFrameSourceGetPropertyResult

Represents the value of a MediaFrameSource property, if it was successfully retrieved, and the result status of the get operation.

MediaFrameSourceGroup MediaFrameSourceGroup MediaFrameSourceGroup MediaFrameSourceGroup MediaFrameSourceGroup

Represents a group of media frame sources that can be used simultaneously by a MediaCapture.

MediaFrameSourceInfo MediaFrameSourceInfo MediaFrameSourceInfo MediaFrameSourceInfo MediaFrameSourceInfo

Provides information about a MediaFrameSource.

MultiSourceMediaFrameArrivedEventArgs MultiSourceMediaFrameArrivedEventArgs MultiSourceMediaFrameArrivedEventArgs MultiSourceMediaFrameArrivedEventArgs MultiSourceMediaFrameArrivedEventArgs

Provides data for the MultiSourceMediaFrameReader.FrameArrived event.

MultiSourceMediaFrameReader MultiSourceMediaFrameReader MultiSourceMediaFrameReader MultiSourceMediaFrameReader MultiSourceMediaFrameReader

Provides access to time-correlated frames from multiple MediaFrameSource and provides notifications when new frames arrive. This is useful if you need to process frames from different sources, such as a depth camera and an rbg camera, and you need to make sure that the frames from each source were captured close to each other in time.

MultiSourceMediaFrameReference MultiSourceMediaFrameReference MultiSourceMediaFrameReference MultiSourceMediaFrameReference MultiSourceMediaFrameReference

A wrapper class that provides access to time-correlated frames obtained from one or more MediaFrameSource objects. Call TryGetFrameReferenceBySourceId to get the MediaFrameReference representing a frame from a particular media frame source.

VideoMediaFrame VideoMediaFrame VideoMediaFrame VideoMediaFrame VideoMediaFrame

Represents a frame from a MediaFrameSource that provides data in a video frame represented by a IDirect3DSurface or SoftwareBitmap.

VideoMediaFrameFormat VideoMediaFrameFormat VideoMediaFrameFormat VideoMediaFrameFormat VideoMediaFrameFormat

Describes the image format of a VideoMediaFrame.


MediaFrameReaderAcquisitionMode MediaFrameReaderAcquisitionMode MediaFrameReaderAcquisitionMode MediaFrameReaderAcquisitionMode MediaFrameReaderAcquisitionMode

Specifies the way that the system should manage frames acquired from a MediaFrameReader or a MultiSourceMediaFrameReader when a new frame arrives before the app has finished processing the previous frame.

MediaFrameReaderStartStatus MediaFrameReaderStartStatus MediaFrameReaderStartStatus MediaFrameReaderStartStatus MediaFrameReaderStartStatus

Specifies the result of a call to StartAsync to start the reading of media frames by a MediaFrameReader.

MediaFrameSourceGetPropertyStatus MediaFrameSourceGetPropertyStatus MediaFrameSourceGetPropertyStatus MediaFrameSourceGetPropertyStatus MediaFrameSourceGetPropertyStatus

Specifies the result of a MediaFrameSourceController.GetPropertyAsync operation.

MediaFrameSourceKind MediaFrameSourceKind MediaFrameSourceKind MediaFrameSourceKind MediaFrameSourceKind

Specifies the kind of data produced by a MediaFrameSource.

MediaFrameSourceSetPropertyStatus MediaFrameSourceSetPropertyStatus MediaFrameSourceSetPropertyStatus MediaFrameSourceSetPropertyStatus MediaFrameSourceSetPropertyStatus

Specifies the result of a MediaFrameSourceController.SetPropertyAsync operation.

MultiSourceMediaFrameReaderStartStatus MultiSourceMediaFrameReaderStartStatus MultiSourceMediaFrameReaderStartStatus MultiSourceMediaFrameReaderStartStatus MultiSourceMediaFrameReaderStartStatus

Specifies the status of a MultiSourceMediaFrameReader start operation. A value from this enumeration is returned by the MultiSourceMediaFrameReader.StartAsync method.

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