MediaCapture.FindConcurrentProfiles(String) Method


Retrieves the list of video profiles supported by the specified video capture device that can be used while another profile is used on a different capture device.

 static IVectorView<MediaCaptureVideoProfile ^> ^ FindConcurrentProfiles(Platform::String ^ videoDeviceId);
 static IVectorView<MediaCaptureVideoProfile> FindConcurrentProfiles(winrt::hstring const & videoDeviceId);
public static IReadOnlyList<MediaCaptureVideoProfile> FindConcurrentProfiles(string videoDeviceId);
function findConcurrentProfiles(videoDeviceId)
Public Shared Function FindConcurrentProfiles (videoDeviceId As String) As IReadOnlyList(Of MediaCaptureVideoProfile)



The identifier of the video device for which supported video profiles are queried. For information on getting the video device ID, see DeviceInformation.FindAllAsync.



The list of video profiles supported by the specified video capture device that support concurrency.

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Before calling this method, call IsVideoProfileSupported to make sure that the capture device supports video profiles.

This method supports the scenario where you capture video from two capture devices at the same time, such as a device's front camera and rear camera. Call the GetConcurrency method of one of the MediaCaptureVideoProfile objects in the returned list to get a list of profiles that can be used concurrently with that profile.

For how-to guidance for working with camera profiles, see Discover and select camera capabilities with camera profiles.

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