MediaCaptureInitializationSettings.VideoDeviceId Property


Gets the DeviceInformation.Id of the video camera.

 property Platform::String ^ VideoDeviceId { Platform::String ^ get(); void set(Platform::String ^ value); };
winrt::hstring VideoDeviceId();

void VideoDeviceId(winrt::hstring value);
public string VideoDeviceId { get; set; }
var string = mediaCaptureInitializationSettings.videoDeviceId;
mediaCaptureInitializationSettings.videoDeviceId = string;
Public Property VideoDeviceId As String

Property Value


The DeviceInformation.Id of the video camera.

Windows 10 requirements

App capabilities
backgroundMediaRecording microphone webcam


This method may return a NULL pointer if the device doesn't support this functionality. For more information, see the DeviceInformation class.

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