FaceDetectionEffectDefinition.SynchronousDetectionEnabled Property


Gets or sets a value indicating whether synchronous face detection is enabled.

 property bool SynchronousDetectionEnabled { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
bool SynchronousDetectionEnabled();

void SynchronousDetectionEnabled(bool value);
public bool SynchronousDetectionEnabled { get; set; }
var boolean = faceDetectionEffectDefinition.synchronousDetectionEnabled;
faceDetectionEffectDefinition.synchronousDetectionEnabled = boolean;
Public Property SynchronousDetectionEnabled As Boolean

Property Value


True if synchronous face detection is enabled; otherwise, false.


When synchronous detection is enabled, the system will delay the return of a video frame until the face detection operation for the frame is complete. When the frames do arrive, the timestamp of the FaceDetectionEffectFrame will match the timestamp of the associated VideoFrame. When synchronous detection is disabled, the timestamp of the FaceDetectionEffectFrame will typically be slightly later than the associated@"Windows.Media.VideoFrame?text=VideoFrame".

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