Windows.Media.DialProtocol Windows.Media.DialProtocol Windows.Media.DialProtocol Windows.Media.DialProtocol Windows.Media.DialProtocol Namespace

The DIAL protocol (DI scover A nd L aunch) lets people launches media apps from a primary device, like a phone or tablet, to a remote device like a television. See for more information in the industry-standard protocol.


DialApp DialApp DialApp DialApp DialApp

Represents a DIAL application running on a remote device.

DialAppStateDetails DialAppStateDetails DialAppStateDetails DialAppStateDetails DialAppStateDetails

Represents the state of the DIAL app.

DialDevice DialDevice DialDevice DialDevice DialDevice

Represents the remote device capable of running DIAL apps.

DialDevicePicker DialDevicePicker DialDevicePicker DialDevicePicker DialDevicePicker

Represents a picker flyout that contains a list of remote devices for the user to choose from.

DialDevicePickerFilter DialDevicePickerFilter DialDevicePickerFilter DialDevicePickerFilter DialDevicePickerFilter

Represents the filter used to determine which devices to show in a DialDevicePicker. The filter parameters are OR-ed together to build the resulting filter.

DialDeviceSelectedEventArgs DialDeviceSelectedEventArgs DialDeviceSelectedEventArgs DialDeviceSelectedEventArgs DialDeviceSelectedEventArgs

Represents the event arguments for the DialDeviceSelected event on the DialDevicePicker object.

DialDisconnectButtonClickedEventArgs DialDisconnectButtonClickedEventArgs DialDisconnectButtonClickedEventArgs DialDisconnectButtonClickedEventArgs DialDisconnectButtonClickedEventArgs

Represents the event arguments for the DisconnectButtonClicked event on the DialDevicePicker object.

DialReceiverApp DialReceiverApp DialReceiverApp DialReceiverApp DialReceiverApp

Provides a mechanism for server apps to supply requested data to the DIAL REST service, which can be queried by client apps.


DialAppLaunchResult DialAppLaunchResult DialAppLaunchResult DialAppLaunchResult DialAppLaunchResult

The result of attempting to launch an app on a remote device.

DialAppState DialAppState DialAppState DialAppState DialAppState

The state of the application on the remote device.

DialAppStopResult DialAppStopResult DialAppStopResult DialAppStopResult DialAppStopResult

The result of attempting to stop an app from running on a remote device.

DialDeviceDisplayStatus DialDeviceDisplayStatus DialDeviceDisplayStatus DialDeviceDisplayStatus DialDeviceDisplayStatus

The possible statuses a DIAL device can have in the DIAL device picker. You can use these to adjust the sub-status and other visual attributes for a particular device in the picker.

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