INDTransmitterProperties INDTransmitterProperties INDTransmitterProperties INDTransmitterProperties INDTransmitterProperties Interface


Provides the property values for a PlayReady-ND transmitter certificate.

public : interface INDTransmitterProperties
struct winrt::Windows::Media::Protection::PlayReady::INDTransmitterProperties
public interface INDTransmitterProperties
Public Interface INDTransmitterProperties
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Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


CertificateType CertificateType CertificateType CertificateType CertificateType

Gets the certificate type for the transmitter.

public : NDCertificateType CertificateType { get; }
NDCertificateType CertificateType();
public NDCertificateType CertificateType { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property CertificateType As NDCertificateType
var ndCertificateType = indTransmitterProperties.certificateType;
NDCertificateType NDCertificateType NDCertificateType

The certificate type. This value can be either DRM_BCERT_CERTTYPE_PC (0x1) or DRM_BCERT_CERTTYPE_DEVICE (0x2).

ClientID ClientID ClientID ClientID ClientID

Gets the client identifier from the transmitter certificate.

public : byte[] ClientID { get; }
byte[] ClientID();
public byte[] ClientID { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property ClientID As byte[]
var byte[] = indTransmitterProperties.clientid;
byte[] byte[] byte[]

The client identifier.

ExpirationDate ExpirationDate ExpirationDate ExpirationDate ExpirationDate

Gets the expiration date and time from the transmitter certificate.

public : DateTime ExpirationDate { get; }
DateTime ExpirationDate();
public DateTimeOffset ExpirationDate { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property ExpirationDate As DateTimeOffset
var dateTimeOffset = indTransmitterProperties.expirationDate;
DateTimeOffset DateTimeOffset DateTimeOffset

The date and time the certificate expires.

ModelDigest ModelDigest ModelDigest ModelDigest ModelDigest

Gets the model digest from a transmitter certificate.

public : byte[] ModelDigest { get; }
byte[] ModelDigest();
public byte[] ModelDigest { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property ModelDigest As byte[]
var byte[] = indTransmitterProperties.modelDigest;
byte[] byte[] byte[]

The model digest.

ModelManufacturerName ModelManufacturerName ModelManufacturerName ModelManufacturerName ModelManufacturerName

Gets the model manufacturer name from a transmitter certificate.

public : Platform::String ModelManufacturerName { get; }
winrt::hstring ModelManufacturerName();
public string ModelManufacturerName { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property ModelManufacturerName As string
var string = indTransmitterProperties.modelManufacturerName;
string string string

The model manufacturer name.

ModelName ModelName ModelName ModelName ModelName

Gets the model name from a transmitter certificate.

public : Platform::String ModelName { get; }
winrt::hstring ModelName();
public string ModelName { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property ModelName As string
var string = indTransmitterProperties.modelName;
string string string

The model name.

ModelNumber ModelNumber ModelNumber ModelNumber ModelNumber

Gets the model number from a transmitter certificate.

public : Platform::String ModelNumber { get; }
winrt::hstring ModelNumber();
public string ModelNumber { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property ModelNumber As string
var string = indTransmitterProperties.modelNumber;
string string string

The model number as a text string.

PlatformIdentifier PlatformIdentifier PlatformIdentifier PlatformIdentifier PlatformIdentifier

Gets the platform identifier from a transmitter certificate.

public : NDCertificatePlatformID PlatformIdentifier { get; }
NDCertificatePlatformID PlatformIdentifier();
public NDCertificatePlatformID PlatformIdentifier { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property PlatformIdentifier As NDCertificatePlatformID
var ndCertificatePlatformID = indTransmitterProperties.platformIdentifier;

SecurityLevel SecurityLevel SecurityLevel SecurityLevel SecurityLevel

Gets the security level from a transmitter certificate.

public : unsigned int SecurityLevel { get; }
uint32_t SecurityLevel();
public uint SecurityLevel { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property SecurityLevel As uint
var uint = indTransmitterProperties.securityLevel;
uint uint uint

The security level.

SecurityVersion SecurityVersion SecurityVersion SecurityVersion SecurityVersion

Gets the security version from a transmitter certificate.

public : unsigned int SecurityVersion { get; }
uint32_t SecurityVersion();
public uint SecurityVersion { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property SecurityVersion As uint
var uint = indTransmitterProperties.securityVersion;
uint uint uint

The security version.

SupportedFeatures SupportedFeatures SupportedFeatures SupportedFeatures SupportedFeatures

Gets the list of supported features from the transmitter certificate.

public : NDCertificateFeature[] SupportedFeatures { get; }
NDCertificateFeature[] SupportedFeatures();
public NDCertificateFeature[] SupportedFeatures { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property SupportedFeatures As NDCertificateFeature[]
var ndCertificateFeature[] = indTransmitterProperties.supportedFeatures;
NDCertificateFeature[] NDCertificateFeature[] NDCertificateFeature[]

An array identifying the feature sets that the certificate supports.