SpatialSurfaceMesh.VertexNormals Property


Gets the buffer object representing the mesh's normal buffer, if IncludeVertexNormals was set as a mesh option in the call to SpatialSurfaceInfo.TryComputeLatestMeshAsync. Otherwise, this property is null.

 property SpatialSurfaceMeshBuffer ^ VertexNormals { SpatialSurfaceMeshBuffer ^ get(); };
SpatialSurfaceMeshBuffer VertexNormals();
public SpatialSurfaceMeshBuffer VertexNormals { get; }
var spatialSurfaceMeshBuffer = spatialSurfaceMesh.vertexNormals;
Public ReadOnly Property VertexNormals As SpatialSurfaceMeshBuffer

Property Value


The mesh buffer if available; otherwise null.


If the SpatialSurfaceMeshOptions.VertexNormalFormat option is also set, this buffer will be generated in the format indicated.

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