Windows.​Phone.​Networking.​Voip Windows.​Phone.​Networking.​Voip Windows.​Phone.​Networking.​Voip Namespace

Provides APIs for implementing VoIP applications.


CallAnswerEventArgs CallAnswerEventArgs CallAnswerEventArgs

Supports the AnswerRequested event of the VoipPhoneCall class.

CallRejectEventArgs CallRejectEventArgs CallRejectEventArgs

Supports the RejectRequested event of the VoipPhoneCall class.

CallStateChangeEventArgs CallStateChangeEventArgs CallStateChangeEventArgs

Supports the EndRequested, HoldRequested, and ResumeRequested events of the VoipPhoneCall class.

MuteChangeEventArgs MuteChangeEventArgs MuteChangeEventArgs

Supports the Muted and Unmuted events.

QuerySeamlessUpgradeSupportOperation QuerySeamlessUpgradeSupportOperation QuerySeamlessUpgradeSupportOperation

Represents a VoIP operation to determine if a remote user supports seamless upgrade from a cellular call to a VoIP call.

VoipCallCoordinator VoipCallCoordinator VoipCallCoordinator

Allows an application to manage VoIP calls.

VoipPhoneCall VoipPhoneCall VoipPhoneCall

Represents a VoIP phone call.


IVoipOperation IVoipOperation IVoipOperation

The base interface of all VoIP operations.


SeamlessCallUpgradeSupport SeamlessCallUpgradeSupport SeamlessCallUpgradeSupport

Specifies the support level for seamlessly upgrading cellular calls to VoIP.

VoipCallMedia VoipCallMedia VoipCallMedia

Specifies the media types used by a VoIP call.

VoipCallRejectReason VoipCallRejectReason VoipCallRejectReason

Specifies the reason that an incoming call was rejected.

VoipCallState VoipCallState VoipCallState

Specifies the state of a VoIP call.

VoipOperationType VoipOperationType VoipOperationType

Specifies the type of a VoIP operation.