KeyboardInputBuffer KeyboardInputBuffer KeyboardInputBuffer KeyboardInputBuffer Class


Provides access to a text buffer that is used to aggregate user input to the Software Input Panel keyboard on the phone.

public : sealed class KeyboardInputBuffer
struct winrt::Windows::Phone::UI::Core::KeyboardInputBuffer
public sealed class KeyboardInputBuffer
Public NotInheritable Class KeyboardInputBuffer

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows Mobile Extension SDK (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Phone.PhoneInternalContract (introduced v1)


Windows Phone 8

This API is supported in native apps only.


KeyboardInputBuffer() KeyboardInputBuffer() KeyboardInputBuffer() KeyboardInputBuffer()

Initializes a new instance of the KeyboardInputBuffer class.


InputScope InputScope InputScope InputScope

Gets or sets the input scope which determines the set of keys displayed on the Software Input Panel keyboard on the phone

SelectionLength SelectionLength SelectionLength SelectionLength

Gets the number of characters in the current selection in the input buffer.

SelectionStart SelectionStart SelectionStart SelectionStart

Gets the starting position of the text selected in the input buffer.

Text Text Text Text

Gets or sets the contents of the input buffer.


Select(UInt32, UInt32) Select(UInt32, UInt32) Select(UInt32, UInt32) Select(UInt32, UInt32)

Selects a range of text in the input buffer.

SelectFromTap(UInt32) SelectFromTap(UInt32) SelectFromTap(UInt32) SelectFromTap(UInt32)

Selects a range of text as if the user had tapped on the specified character in the input buffer.


SelectionChanged SelectionChanged SelectionChanged SelectionChanged

Occurs when the text selection within the input buffer has changed.

TextChanged TextChanged TextChanged TextChanged

Occurs when the content changes in the input buffer.