Windows.Security.Authentication.Web.Core Windows.Security.Authentication.Web.Core Windows.Security.Authentication.Web.Core Windows.Security.Authentication.Web.Core Namespace

Contains core methods for obtaining tokens from web account providers.


WebAccountEventArgs WebAccountEventArgs WebAccountEventArgs WebAccountEventArgs

Contains information about an event involving a WebAccount.

WebAccountMonitor WebAccountMonitor WebAccountMonitor WebAccountMonitor

Allows an app to monitor specific web accounts and raises events when those web accounts change.

WebAuthenticationCoreManager WebAuthenticationCoreManager WebAuthenticationCoreManager WebAuthenticationCoreManager

Contains core methods for obtaining tokens from web account providers.

WebProviderError WebProviderError WebProviderError WebProviderError

Represents an error from a web account provider.

WebTokenRequest WebTokenRequest WebTokenRequest WebTokenRequest

Represents a request to an online identity provider for an authentication token.

WebTokenRequestResult WebTokenRequestResult WebTokenRequestResult WebTokenRequestResult

Represents the results of a web token request to an identity provider.

WebTokenResponse WebTokenResponse WebTokenResponse WebTokenResponse

Represents the response from a web account provider to a web token request.


WebTokenRequestPromptType WebTokenRequestPromptType WebTokenRequestPromptType WebTokenRequestPromptType

Represents the prompt type of a web token request.

WebTokenRequestStatus WebTokenRequestStatus WebTokenRequestStatus WebTokenRequestStatus

Represents the status of a web token request.