Windows.Security.Credentials.UI Windows.Security.Credentials.UI Windows.Security.Credentials.UI Windows.Security.Credentials.UI Windows.Security.Credentials.UI Namespace

Enables you to use credentials without the complexity of the underlying operations, providing a uniform experience for credentials that reduces credential prompting to an absolute minimum. This namespace collects various types of credentials from users, stores them on the local computer, and presents them to web services and proxies by using existing authentication models.


CredentialPicker CredentialPicker CredentialPicker CredentialPicker CredentialPicker

Creates an asynchronous object that displays a dialog box of credentials to the user and collects the user's response.


Enterprise credentials retrieved from the CredentialPicker don't have the capability to roam.

CredentialPickerOptions CredentialPickerOptions CredentialPickerOptions CredentialPickerOptions CredentialPickerOptions

Controls the appearance and behavior of a credential prompt.

CredentialPickerResults CredentialPickerResults CredentialPickerResults CredentialPickerResults CredentialPickerResults

Describes the results of the dialog box operation.

UserConsentVerifier UserConsentVerifier UserConsentVerifier UserConsentVerifier UserConsentVerifier

Checks for availability of a verification device (such as a Microsoft Passport PIN, Windows Hello biometric, or fingerprint reader) and performs a verification.


AuthenticationProtocol AuthenticationProtocol AuthenticationProtocol AuthenticationProtocol AuthenticationProtocol

Identifies which authentication protocol to use.

CredentialSaveOption CredentialSaveOption CredentialSaveOption CredentialSaveOption CredentialSaveOption

Identifies the state of the dialog box option on whether to save credentials.

UserConsentVerificationResult UserConsentVerificationResult UserConsentVerificationResult UserConsentVerificationResult UserConsentVerificationResult

Describes the result of a verification operation.

UserConsentVerifierAvailability UserConsentVerifierAvailability UserConsentVerifierAvailability UserConsentVerifierAvailability UserConsentVerifierAvailability

Describes the result of a check for a biometric (fingerprint) verifier device.


Enterprise credentials retrieved from the CredentialPicker don't have the capability to roam.

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