CmsSignerInfo CmsSignerInfo CmsSignerInfo CmsSignerInfo CmsSignerInfo Class


Represents signer information for a signed CMS message which contains a set of properties.

public : sealed class CmsSignerInfo
struct winrt::Windows::Security::Cryptography::Certificates::CmsSignerInfo
public sealed class CmsSignerInfo
Public NotInheritable Class CmsSignerInfo
var cmsSignerInfo = new cmsSignerInfo();

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


CmsSignerInfo() CmsSignerInfo() CmsSignerInfo() CmsSignerInfo() CmsSignerInfo()

Creates a new instance of the CmsSignerInfo class.


Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate

Gets or sets the signer certificate that is used to sign the message.

HashAlgorithmName HashAlgorithmName HashAlgorithmName HashAlgorithmName HashAlgorithmName

Gets or sets the hash algorithm that is used to sign the CMS message.

TimestampInfo TimestampInfo TimestampInfo TimestampInfo TimestampInfo

Gets the RFC3161 unauthenticated timestamp information.