EasRequireEncryptionResult EasRequireEncryptionResult EasRequireEncryptionResult EasRequireEncryptionResult EasRequireEncryptionResult Enum



EasRequireEncryptionResult may be unavailable for releases after Windows 10.

Represents the type of encryption required. These values are mapped against the HRESULT codes returned from the EAS policy engine.

public : enum class EasRequireEncryptionResult
enum class winrt::Windows::Security::ExchangeActiveSyncProvisioning::EasRequireEncryptionResult : int32_t
public enum EasRequireEncryptionResult
Public Enum EasRequireEncryptionResult
var value = Windows.Security.ExchangeActiveSyncProvisioning.EasRequireEncryptionResult.canBeCompliant;

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows Desktop Extension SDK (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Security.ExchangeActiveSyncProvisioning.EasContract (introduced v1)


CanBeCompliant CanBeCompliant CanBeCompliant CanBeCompliant CanBeCompliant 2

This computer can be compliant by using the ApplyAsync method.HRESULT: S_OK but the user is not controlled.

Compliant Compliant Compliant Compliant Compliant 1

This computer is already DeviceProtected.HRESULT: S_OK and the user is controlled.

DeFixedDataNotSupported DeFixedDataNotSupported DeFixedDataNotSupported DeFixedDataNotSupported DeFixedDataNotSupported 4

This value is no longer supported. Starting with Windows 8.1, use FixedDataNotSupported.

DeHardwareNotCompliant DeHardwareNotCompliant DeHardwareNotCompliant DeHardwareNotCompliant DeHardwareNotCompliant 5

This value is no longer supported. Starting with Windows 8.1, use HardwareNotCompliant.

DeOsVolumeNotProtected DeOsVolumeNotProtected DeOsVolumeNotProtected DeOsVolumeNotProtected DeOsVolumeNotProtected 8

This value is no longer supported. Starting with Windows 8.1, use OsVolumeNotProtected.

DeProtectionNotYetEnabled DeProtectionNotYetEnabled DeProtectionNotYetEnabled DeProtectionNotYetEnabled DeProtectionNotYetEnabled 9

This value is no longer supported. Starting with Windows 8.1, use ProtectionNotYetEnabled.

DeProtectionSuspended DeProtectionSuspended DeProtectionSuspended DeProtectionSuspended DeProtectionSuspended 7

This value is no longer supported. Starting with Windows 8.1, use ProtectionSuspended.

DeWinReNotConfigured DeWinReNotConfigured DeWinReNotConfigured DeWinReNotConfigured DeWinReNotConfigured 6

This value is no longer supported. Starting with Windows 8.1, use LockNotConfigured.

FixedDataNotSupported FixedDataNotSupported FixedDataNotSupported FixedDataNotSupported FixedDataNotSupported 4

This computer cannot support device encryption because unencrypted fixed data volumes are present.HRESULT: FVE_E_DE_FIXED_DATA_NOT_SUPPORTED

HardwareNotCompliant HardwareNotCompliant HardwareNotCompliant HardwareNotCompliant HardwareNotCompliant 5

This computer does not meet the hardware requirements to support device encryption.HRESULT: FVE_E_DE_HARDWARE_NOT_COMPLIANT

LockNotConfigured LockNotConfigured LockNotConfigured LockNotConfigured LockNotConfigured 6

This computer cannot support device encryption because WinRE is not properly configured.HRESULT: FVE_E_DE_WINRE_NOT_CONFIGURED

NoFeatureLicense NoFeatureLicense NoFeatureLicense NoFeatureLicense NoFeatureLicense 10

This computer does not have a feature license.HRESULT: FVE_E_NO_FEATURE_LICENSE

NotEvaluated NotEvaluated NotEvaluated NotEvaluated NotEvaluated 0

The policy is not set for evaluation.

NotProvisionedOnAllVolumes NotProvisionedOnAllVolumes NotProvisionedOnAllVolumes NotProvisionedOnAllVolumes NotProvisionedOnAllVolumes 3

This computer is not provisioned to support device encryption. Enable BitLocker on all volumes to comply with device encryption policy. HRESULT: FVE_E_NOT_PROVISIONED_ON_ALL_VOLUMES

OsNotProtected OsNotProtected OsNotProtected OsNotProtected OsNotProtected 11

The operating system drive is not protected by BitLocker drive encryption.HRESULT: FVE_E_OS_NOT_PROTECTED

OsVolumeNotProtected OsVolumeNotProtected OsVolumeNotProtected OsVolumeNotProtected OsVolumeNotProtected 8

This computer is not provisioned with device encryption. Enable Device encryption on all volumes to comply with device encryption policy if it is supported. HRESULT: FVE_E_DE_OS_VOLUME_NOT_PROTECTED

ProtectionNotYetEnabled ProtectionNotYetEnabled ProtectionNotYetEnabled ProtectionNotYetEnabled ProtectionNotYetEnabled 9

Protection has not been enabled on the volume. Enabling protection requires a connected account. If you already have a connected account and are seeing this error, refer to the event log for more information.HRESULT: FVE_E_DE_PROTECTION_NOT_YET_ENABLED

ProtectionSuspended ProtectionSuspended ProtectionSuspended ProtectionSuspended ProtectionSuspended 7

Protection is enabled on this volume but has been suspended. This is most likely due to an update of your computer. Reboot and try again.HRESULT: FVE_E_DE_PROTECTION_SUSPENDED

UnexpectedFailure UnexpectedFailure UnexpectedFailure UnexpectedFailure UnexpectedFailure 12

An unexpected failure occurred.

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