MapAddress MapAddress MapAddress MapAddress Class


Represents an address.

public : sealed class MapAddress
struct winrt::Windows::Services::Maps::MapAddress
public sealed class MapAddress
Public NotInheritable Class MapAddress

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


A collection of MapLocation objects is returned through the Locations property of the MapLocationFinderResult when you call the methods of the MapLocationFinder class. Each MapLocation object has an Address property which returns a MapAddress.

Your Universal Windows app must be authenticated before it can use the MapControl and map services in the Windows.Services.Maps namespace. To authenticate your app, you must specify a maps authentication key.

See Request a maps authentication key.


BuildingFloor BuildingFloor BuildingFloor BuildingFloor

Gets or sets the building floor of an address.

BuildingName BuildingName BuildingName BuildingName

Gets or sets the building name of an address.

BuildingRoom BuildingRoom BuildingRoom BuildingRoom

Gets or sets the building room of an address.

BuildingWing BuildingWing BuildingWing BuildingWing

Gets or sets the building wing of an address.

Continent Continent Continent Continent

Gets or sets the continent of an address.

Country Country Country Country

Gets or sets the country of an address.

CountryCode CountryCode CountryCode CountryCode

Gets or sets the country code of an address.

District District District District

Gets or sets the district of an address.

FormattedAddress FormattedAddress FormattedAddress FormattedAddress

Gets the complete address in string format.

Neighborhood Neighborhood Neighborhood Neighborhood

Gets or sets the neighborhood of an address.

PostCode PostCode PostCode PostCode

Gets or sets the postal code of an address.

Region Region Region Region

Gets or sets the region (for example, the state or province) of an address.

RegionCode RegionCode RegionCode RegionCode

Gets or sets the code for the region (for example, the state or province) of an address.

Street Street Street Street

Gets or sets the street of an address.

StreetNumber StreetNumber StreetNumber StreetNumber

Gets or sets the street number of an address.

Town Town Town Town

Gets or sets the town or city of an address.

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