StorageProviderSyncRootInfo StorageProviderSyncRootInfo StorageProviderSyncRootInfo StorageProviderSyncRootInfo StorageProviderSyncRootInfo Class


Contains the properties of a Cloud Storage Provider's sync root to be registered with the operating system.

public : sealed class StorageProviderSyncRootInfo
struct winrt::Windows::Storage::Provider::StorageProviderSyncRootInfo
public sealed class StorageProviderSyncRootInfo
Public NotInheritable Class StorageProviderSyncRootInfo
var storageProviderSyncRootInfo = new storageProviderSyncRootInfo();

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows Desktop Extension SDK (introduced v10.0.16299.0)
API contract
Windows.Storage.Provider.CloudFilesContract (introduced v1)


Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1809 17763 ProviderId


StorageProviderSyncRootInfo() StorageProviderSyncRootInfo() StorageProviderSyncRootInfo() StorageProviderSyncRootInfo() StorageProviderSyncRootInfo()

A StorageProviderSyncRootInfo default constructor.


AllowPinning AllowPinning AllowPinning AllowPinning AllowPinning

Enables or disables the ability for files to be made available offline.

Context Context Context Context Context

Contains the sync root identity information.

DisplayNameResource DisplayNameResource DisplayNameResource DisplayNameResource DisplayNameResource

An optional display name that maps to the existing sync root registration.

HardlinkPolicy HardlinkPolicy HardlinkPolicy HardlinkPolicy HardlinkPolicy

The hard link policy of the sync root.

HydrationPolicy HydrationPolicy HydrationPolicy HydrationPolicy HydrationPolicy

The hydration policy of the sync root registration.

HydrationPolicyModifier HydrationPolicyModifier HydrationPolicyModifier HydrationPolicyModifier HydrationPolicyModifier

The hydration policy modifier of the sync root registration.

IconResource IconResource IconResource IconResource IconResource

A path to an icon resource for the custom state of a file or folder.

Id Id Id Id Id

An identifier for the sync root.

InSyncPolicy InSyncPolicy InSyncPolicy InSyncPolicy InSyncPolicy

Provides access to the sync policy for the Cloud Storage Provider.

Path Path Path Path Path

A storage folder that represents the path to the root of the cloud based folder system.

PopulationPolicy PopulationPolicy PopulationPolicy PopulationPolicy PopulationPolicy

The population policy of the sync root registration.

ProtectionMode ProtectionMode ProtectionMode ProtectionMode ProtectionMode

The protection mode of the sync root registration.

ProviderId ProviderId ProviderId ProviderId ProviderId

Gets or sets a GUID that represents the ID of the storage provider.

RecycleBinUri RecycleBinUri RecycleBinUri RecycleBinUri RecycleBinUri

A Uri to a cloud storage recycle bin.

ShowSiblingsAsGroup ShowSiblingsAsGroup ShowSiblingsAsGroup ShowSiblingsAsGroup ShowSiblingsAsGroup

Shows sibling sync roots listed under the main sync root in the File Explorer.

StorageProviderItemPropertyDefinitions StorageProviderItemPropertyDefinitions StorageProviderItemPropertyDefinitions StorageProviderItemPropertyDefinitions StorageProviderItemPropertyDefinitions

Gets the StorageProviderItemPropertyDefinition information for a sync root.

Version Version Version Version Version

The version number of the sync root.