LauncherOptions.DisplayApplicationPicker LauncherOptions.DisplayApplicationPicker LauncherOptions.DisplayApplicationPicker LauncherOptions.DisplayApplicationPicker LauncherOptions.DisplayApplicationPicker Property


Gets or sets a value that indicates whether to display the Open With dialog whenever the association launching API is called.

public : Platform::Boolean DisplayApplicationPicker { get; set; }
bool DisplayApplicationPicker();

void DisplayApplicationPicker(bool displayapplicationpicker);
public bool DisplayApplicationPicker { get; set; }
Public ReadWrite Property DisplayApplicationPicker As bool
var bool = launcherOptions.displayApplicationPicker;
launcherOptions.displayApplicationPicker = bool;

Property Value

bool bool bool

True if the Open With dialog should always be displayed; otherwise false.


See the code example in the LaunchUriAsync(Uri, LauncherOptions) topic.


You should use the Open With dialog box when the user may want to select an app other than the default for a particular file. For example if your app allows the user to launch an image file, the default handler will likely be a viewer app. In some cases the user may want to edit the image instead of viewing it. Use the Open With option along with an alternative command in the AppBar or in a context menu to let the user bring up the Open With dialog and select the editor app in these types of scenarios.


This property is only implemented on Desktop devices.

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