CompositionScopedBatch CompositionScopedBatch CompositionScopedBatch CompositionScopedBatch Class


An explicitly created group of active animations or effects.

public : sealed class CompositionScopedBatch : CompositionObject
struct winrt::Windows::UI::Composition::CompositionScopedBatch : CompositionObject
public sealed class CompositionScopedBatch : CompositionObject
Public NotInheritable Class CompositionScopedBatch Inherits CompositionObject

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10586.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v2)


Scoped Batch

// The Green Square's completion events for the Offset and Opacity animations are aggregated
// The Rotation animation completion event is not aggregated
// When the aggregated events are completed OnBatchCompleted method is executed
public void BatchAnimations()
    // Create a Scoped batch to capture animation completion events
    _batch = _compositor.CreateScopedBatch(CompositionBatchTypes.Animation);

    // Executing the Offset animation and aggregating completion event

    // Suspending to exclude the following Rotation animation from the batch

    // Executing the Rotation animation 

    // Resuming the batch to collect additional animations

    // Executing the Opacity animation and aggregating completion event

    // Batch is ended and no objects can be added

    // Method triggered when batch completion event fires
    _batch.Completed += OnBatchCompleted;


Represents a group of active animations or effects and triggers a callback when all members of the group have completed. A CompositionScopedBatch is explicitly created and is used to designate specific objects to be included in a single Scoped batch.

A scoped batch is explicitly created using Compositor.CreateScopedBatch and is used to designate specific objects to be included in a single batch. A Scoped batch can be created on any thread and is not tied to the composition thread. Scoped batches will only aggregate objects within the thread it is created.

CompositionScopedBatch may be explicitly paused with Suspend in order to exclude objects from that batch. When a batch is suspended it can be reopened by calling Resume.

A CompositionScopedBatch must be explicitly closed using End. Once it has been closed it cannot be suspended or resumed again.

Multiple CompositionScopedBatch instances can be created and objects can be aggregated in multiple batches at the same time.

See Composition Animations Overview for more information on composition batches.


Comment Comment Comment Comment

A string to associate with the CompositionObject.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
Compositor Compositor Compositor Compositor

The Compositor used to create this CompositionObject.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
Dispatcher Dispatcher Dispatcher Dispatcher

The dispatcher for the CompositionObject.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
DispatcherQueue DispatcherQueue DispatcherQueue DispatcherQueue

Gets the DispatcherQueue for the CompostionObject.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
ImplicitAnimations ImplicitAnimations ImplicitAnimations ImplicitAnimations

The collection of implicit animations attached to this object.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
IsActive IsActive IsActive IsActive

Indicates whether the CompositionScopedBatch is currently opened for objects to be aggregated.

IsEnded IsEnded IsEnded IsEnded

Indicates whether the CompositionScopedBatch has been closed and can no longer accept changes.

Properties Properties Properties Properties

The collection of properties associated with the CompositionObject.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)


Close Close Close Close

Closes the CompositionObject and releases system resources.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
End() End() End() End()

Closes the CompositionScopedBatch. Once the CompositionScopedBatch has been closed it cannot be suspended or resumed again.

PopulatePropertyInfo(String,AnimationPropertyInfo) PopulatePropertyInfo(String,AnimationPropertyInfo) PopulatePropertyInfo(String,AnimationPropertyInfo) PopulatePropertyInfo(String,AnimationPropertyInfo)

Defines a property that can be animated.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
Resume() Resume() Resume() Resume()

Resumes aggregating objects in the CompositionScopedBatch.

StartAnimation(String,CompositionAnimation) StartAnimation(String,CompositionAnimation) StartAnimation(String,CompositionAnimation) StartAnimation(String,CompositionAnimation)

Connects an animation with the specified property of the object and starts the animation.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
StartAnimationGroup(ICompositionAnimationBase) StartAnimationGroup(ICompositionAnimationBase) StartAnimationGroup(ICompositionAnimationBase) StartAnimationGroup(ICompositionAnimationBase)

Starts an animation group.

The StartAnimationGroup method on CompositionObject lets you start CompositionAnimationGroup. All the animations in the group will be started at the same time on the object.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
StartAnimationGroupWithIAnimationObject(IAnimationObject,ICompositionAnimationBase) StartAnimationGroupWithIAnimationObject(IAnimationObject,ICompositionAnimationBase) StartAnimationGroupWithIAnimationObject(IAnimationObject,ICompositionAnimationBase) StartAnimationGroupWithIAnimationObject(IAnimationObject,ICompositionAnimationBase)

Starts an animation group on the specified target.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
StartAnimationWithIAnimationObject(IAnimationObject,String,CompositionAnimation) StartAnimationWithIAnimationObject(IAnimationObject,String,CompositionAnimation) StartAnimationWithIAnimationObject(IAnimationObject,String,CompositionAnimation) StartAnimationWithIAnimationObject(IAnimationObject,String,CompositionAnimation)

Connects an animation with the specified property of the target object and starts the animation.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
StopAnimation(String) StopAnimation(String) StopAnimation(String) StopAnimation(String)

Disconnects an animation from the specified property and stops the animation.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
StopAnimationGroup(ICompositionAnimationBase) StopAnimationGroup(ICompositionAnimationBase) StopAnimationGroup(ICompositionAnimationBase) StopAnimationGroup(ICompositionAnimationBase)

Stops an animation group.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)
Suspend() Suspend() Suspend() Suspend()

Suspends aggregating objects in the CompositionScopedBatch.

TryGetAnimationController(String) TryGetAnimationController(String) TryGetAnimationController(String) TryGetAnimationController(String)

Returns an AnimationController for the animation running on the specified property.

(Inherited from CompositionObject)


Completed Completed Completed Completed

Event triggered once all animations and effects in the CompositionScopedBatch have completed.

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