PointLight.CoordinateSpace PointLight.CoordinateSpace PointLight.CoordinateSpace PointLight.CoordinateSpace Property


The Visual used to determine the light's offset. The light's offset property is relative to this Visual's coordinate space. PointLight.CoordinateSpace is a required property. If PointLight.CoordinateSpace is not set, the PointLight will not render.

public : Visual CoordinateSpace { get; set; }
Visual CoordinateSpace();

void CoordinateSpace(Visual coordinatespace);
public Visual CoordinateSpace { get; set; }
Public ReadWrite Property CoordinateSpace As Visual

Property Value

The Visual used to determine the light's offset.


_pointLight.CoordinateSpace = root;  


PointLight.Offset is relative to PointLight.CoordinateSpace . Every Visual has an implicit 3D coordinate space, defined in this way:

X-axis runs from the left edge to the right edge of the visual.  Y-axis runs from the top of the visual to the bottom.  Z-axis is perpandicular to the visual.

X direction is from left to right. Y direction is from top to bottom. Z direction is point out of the plane. The original point of this coordinate is the upper-left corner of the visual, and the unit is DIP. A light's offset is defined in this coordinate.

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