Windows.UI.Composition.Scenes Windows.UI.Composition.Scenes Windows.UI.Composition.Scenes Windows.UI.Composition.Scenes Windows.UI.Composition.Scenes Namespace

Provides APIs for loading 3D models and composing 3D scenes.


SceneBoundingBox SceneBoundingBox SceneBoundingBox SceneBoundingBox SceneBoundingBox

Represents a box that encloses a 3D scene.

SceneComponent SceneComponent SceneComponent SceneComponent SceneComponent

Represents a functional part of a scene.

SceneComponentCollection SceneComponentCollection SceneComponentCollection SceneComponentCollection SceneComponentCollection

Represents a collection of SceneComponent objects that can be individually accessed by index.

SceneMaterial SceneMaterial SceneMaterial SceneMaterial SceneMaterial

Represents an asset that describes how a surface is rendered.

SceneMaterialInput SceneMaterialInput SceneMaterialInput SceneMaterialInput SceneMaterialInput

Represents an input that influences a material.

SceneMesh SceneMesh SceneMesh SceneMesh SceneMesh

Represents a mesh (the list of vertices that describe the polygons that make up a scene).

SceneMeshMaterialAttributeMap SceneMeshMaterialAttributeMap SceneMeshMaterialAttributeMap SceneMeshMaterialAttributeMap SceneMeshMaterialAttributeMap

Represents a collection of material attributes for a scene mesh as key/value pairs.

SceneMeshRendererComponent SceneMeshRendererComponent SceneMeshRendererComponent SceneMeshRendererComponent SceneMeshRendererComponent

Represents a component that renders a SceneMesh.

SceneMetallicRoughnessMaterial SceneMetallicRoughnessMaterial SceneMetallicRoughnessMaterial SceneMetallicRoughnessMaterial SceneMetallicRoughnessMaterial

Represents a material that has that has the appearance of metal.

SceneModelTransform SceneModelTransform SceneModelTransform SceneModelTransform SceneModelTransform

Represents a group of 3-D transforms on a node, including rotation, scale, and translation.

SceneNode SceneNode SceneNode SceneNode SceneNode

Represents an element in the scene's visual tree.

SceneNodeCollection SceneNodeCollection SceneNodeCollection SceneNodeCollection SceneNodeCollection

Represents a collection of SceneNode objects that can be individually accessed by index.

SceneObject SceneObject SceneObject SceneObject SceneObject

The base class for objects that make up a 3D scene.

ScenePbrMaterial ScenePbrMaterial ScenePbrMaterial ScenePbrMaterial ScenePbrMaterial

Represents a material that uses Physically Based Rendering (PBR).

SceneRendererComponent SceneRendererComponent SceneRendererComponent SceneRendererComponent SceneRendererComponent

Represents the base class for scene rendering components.

SceneSurfaceMaterialInput SceneSurfaceMaterialInput SceneSurfaceMaterialInput SceneSurfaceMaterialInput SceneSurfaceMaterialInput

Represents an input to a composition surface.

SceneVisual SceneVisual SceneVisual SceneVisual SceneVisual

Represents a container visual for the nodes of a 3D scene.


SceneAlphaMode SceneAlphaMode SceneAlphaMode SceneAlphaMode SceneAlphaMode

Defines constants that specify the alpha mode for a scene.

SceneAttributeSemantic SceneAttributeSemantic SceneAttributeSemantic SceneAttributeSemantic SceneAttributeSemantic

Defines constants that specify scene attribute semantics.

SceneComponentType SceneComponentType SceneComponentType SceneComponentType SceneComponentType

Defines constants that specify what kind a scene component is.

SceneWrappingMode SceneWrappingMode SceneWrappingMode SceneWrappingMode SceneWrappingMode

Defines constants that specify how wrapping occurs for a scene.