MessageDialog.ShowAsync Method


Begins an asynchronous operation showing a dialog.

 virtual IAsyncOperation<IUICommand ^> ^ ShowAsync() = ShowAsync;
IAsyncOperation<IUICommand> ShowAsync();
public IAsyncOperation<IUICommand> ShowAsync();
function showAsync()
Public Function ShowAsync () As IAsyncOperation(Of IUICommand)



An object that represents the asynchronous operation. For more on the async pattern, see Asynchronous programming.


In some cases, the system may close the dialog, like when people invoke an app contract when the dialog is showing. IAsyncOperation(IUICommand).GetResults returns either the command selected which destroyed the dialog, or an empty command.

To launch subsequent dialogs or other modal UI such as file pickers after a dialog has been closed, use the then or done functions of the Promise object. You cannot launch modal UI from within a UICommand callback.

Calling showAsync while the splash screen is being displayed

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