AnnotationType AnnotationType AnnotationType AnnotationType Enum


Provides a set of constants that identify types of annotations in a document, as used by the ISpreadsheetItemProvider Microsoft UI Automation interface.

public : enum class AnnotationType
enum class winrt::Windows::UI::Xaml::Automation::AnnotationType : int32_t
public enum AnnotationType
Public Enum AnnotationType

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


AdvancedProofingIssue AdvancedProofingIssue AdvancedProofingIssue AdvancedProofingIssue 60020

An advanced proofing issue.

Author Author Author Author 60019

Author info.

CircularReferenceError CircularReferenceError CircularReferenceError CircularReferenceError 60022

A circular reference error.

Comment Comment Comment Comment 60003

A comment. Comments can take different forms depending on the application.

ConflictingChange ConflictingChange ConflictingChange ConflictingChange 60018

A conflicting change.

DataValidationError DataValidationError DataValidationError DataValidationError 60021

A data validation error.

DeletionChange DeletionChange DeletionChange DeletionChange 60012

A deletion change.

EditingLockedChange EditingLockedChange EditingLockedChange EditingLockedChange 60016

An editing locked change.

Endnote Endnote Endnote Endnote 60009

Endnote content.

ExternalChange ExternalChange ExternalChange ExternalChange 60017

An external change.


The footer for a page in a document.

Footnote Footnote Footnote Footnote 60010

Footnote content.

FormatChange FormatChange FormatChange FormatChange 60014

A format change.

FormulaError FormulaError FormulaError FormulaError 60004

An error in a formula. Formula errors typically include red text and exclamation marks.

GrammarError GrammarError GrammarError GrammarError 60002

A grammatical error, often denoted by a green squiggly line.

Header Header Header Header 60006

The header for a page in a document.

Highlighted Highlighted Highlighted Highlighted 60008

Highlighted content, typically denoted by a contrasting background color.

InsertionChange InsertionChange InsertionChange InsertionChange 60011

An insertion change.

MoveChange MoveChange MoveChange MoveChange 60013

A move change.

SpellingError SpellingError SpellingError SpellingError 60001

A spelling error, often denoted by a red squiggly line.

TrackChanges TrackChanges TrackChanges TrackChanges 60005

A change that was made to the document.

Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 60000

The annotation type is unknown.

UnsyncedChange UnsyncedChange UnsyncedChange UnsyncedChange 60015

An unsynced change.


This enumeration is used as an input value to the GetAnnotationTypes method.

The values in AnnotationType parallel the values in the Annotation Type Identifiers constants.

Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1607 14393 AdvancedProofingIssue
1607 14393 Author
1607 14393 CircularReferenceError
1607 14393 ConflictingChange
1607 14393 DataValidationError
1607 14393 DeletionChange
1607 14393 EditingLockedChange
1607 14393 ExternalChange
1607 14393 FormatChange
1607 14393 InsertionChange
1607 14393 MoveChange
1607 14393 UnsyncedChange

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