CalendarDatePicker CalendarDatePicker CalendarDatePicker CalendarDatePicker Class


Represents a control that allows a user to pick a date from a calendar display.

public : class CalendarDatePicker : Control
struct winrt::Windows::UI::Xaml::Controls::CalendarDatePicker : Control
public class CalendarDatePicker : Control
Public Class CalendarDatePicker Inherits Control

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)



For more info, design guidance, and code examples, see Calendar date picker.

If you have the XAML Controls Gallery app installed, click here to open the app and see the CalendarDatePicker in action.


CalendarDatePicker is a drop down control that’s optimized for picking a single date from a calendar view where contextual information like the day of the week or fullness of the calendar is important. It’s similar to the DatePicker control, but the DatePicker is optimized for picking a known date, such as a date of birth, where the context of the calendar is not important.

You can use the CalendarDatePicker control in its default form with a minimal amount of Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) or other code, or you can customize it in various ways to suit your app. Here's a simple CalendarDatePicker created in Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) and code.

CalendarDatePicker arrivalCalendarDatePicker = new CalendarDatePicker();
<CalendarDatePicker x:Name="arrivalCalendarDatePicker"/>

Here's what the control look like when it's closed and a date is not selected.

Closed calendar date picker Here's what it looks like with the calendar open and a date selected.

Open calendar date pickerCalendarDatePicker has an internal CalendarView for picking a date. A subset of CalendarView properties, like IsTodayHighlighted and FirstDayOfWeek, exist on CalendarDatePicker and are forwarded to the internal CalendarView to let you modify it. However, you can't change the SelectionMode of the internal CalendarView to allow multiple selection. If you need to let a user pick multiple dates or need a calendar to be always visible, consider using a CalendarView instead of a CalendarDatePicker. See the CalendarView class for more info on how you can modify the calendar display.

Selecting dates

Use the Date property to get or set the selected date. By default, the Date property is null. When a user selects a date in the calendar view, this property is updated. A user can clear the date by clicking the selected date in the calendar view to deselect it.

You can set the date in your code like this.

myCalendarDatePicker.Date = new DateTime(1977, 1, 5);

When you set the Date in code, the value is constrained by the MinDate and MaxDate properties. If Date is smaller than MinDate, the value is set to MinDate. If Date is greater than MaxDate, the value is set to MaxDate.

You can handle the DateChanged event to be notified when the Date value has changed.

Formatting the selected date

You can change the display format of the day, month, and year of the selected date. The string content of the TextBox portion of the CalendarDatePicker is created by a DateTimeFormatter. You tell the DateTimeFormatter how to format the value by providing a string that is either a format template or a format pattern. For the complete list of format templates and format patterns, see the Remarks section of the DateTimeFormatter class documentation.

Here's how to specify a format in XAML and in code using format patterns.

<CalendarDatePicker x:Name="myCalendarDatePicker"
                    DateFormat = "{}{dayofweek.full}‎, ‎{month.full}‎ ‎{day.integer}‎, ‎{year.full}"/>
myCalendarDatePicker.DateFormat = "{dayofweek.full}‎, ‎{month.full}‎ ‎{day.integer}‎, ‎{year.full}";

The selected date looks like this with the date formatted.

Formatted calendar date picker

Setting a header and placeholder text

You can add a Header (or label) and PlaceholderText (or watermark) to the CalendarDatePicker to give the user an indication of what it's used for. To customize the look of the header, you can set the HeaderTemplate property instead of Header. For design info, see Guidelines for labels.

The default placeholder text is "select a date ". You can remove this by setting the PlaceholderText property to an empty string, or you can provide custom text as shown here.

<CalendarDatePicker x:Name="arrivalCalendarDatePicker" Header="Arrival date" PlaceholderText="Choose your arrival date"/>


The CalendarDatePicker supports each of the calendar systems supported by Windows. These calendars are specified in the Windows.Globalization.CalendarIdentifiers class. The CalendarDatePicker uses the correct calendar for your app's default language, or you can set the CalendarIdentifier property to use a specific calendar system.

DateTime and Calendar values

The date objects used in a CalendarDatePicker have a different representation depending on your programming language. C# and Visual Basic use the System.DateTimeOffset structure that is part of .NET. Visual C++ component extensions (C++/CX) uses the Windows::Foundation::DateTime structure. A related concept is the Calendar class, which influences how dates are interpreted in context. All Windows Runtime apps can use the Windows.Globalization.Calendar class. C# and Visual Basic apps can alternatively use the System.Globalization.Calendar class, which has very similar functionality. (Windows Runtime app can use the base .NET Calendar class but not the specific implementations for example GregorianCalendar.)

.NET also supports a type named DateTime, which is implicitly convertible to a DateTimeOffset. So you might see a "DateTime" type being used in .NET code that's used to set values that are really DateTimeOffset. For more info on the difference between DateTime and DateTimeOffset, see Remarks in DateTimeOffset.


Properties that take date objects can't be set as a XAML attribute string, because the Windows Runtime XAML parser doesn't have a conversion logic for converting strings to dates as DateTime/DateTimeOffset objects. You typically set these values in code. Another possible technique is to define a date that's available as a data object or in the data context, then set the property as a XAML attribute that references a {Binding} markup extension expression that can access the date as data.

Control style and template

You can modify the default Style and ControlTemplate to give the control a unique appearance. For information about modifying a control's style and template, see Styling controls. The default style, template, and resources that define the look of the control are included in the generic.xaml file. For design purposes, generic.xaml is available in the (Program Files)\Windows Kits\10\DesignTime\CommonConfiguration\Neutral\UAP\ <SDK version>\Generic folder from a Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) installation. Styles and resources from different versions of the SDK might have different values.

Starting in Windows 10, version 1607 (SDK 14393), generic.xaml includes resources that you can use to modify the colors of a control in different visual states without modifying the control template. In apps that target this software development kit (SDK) or later, modifying these resources is preferred to setting properties such as Background and Foreground. For more info, see the Light-weight styling section of the Styling controls article.

This table shows the resources used by the CalendarDatePicker control.

Resource keyDescription
CalendarDatePickerForegroundHeader text color
CalendarDatePickerForegroundDisabledForeground color when disabled
CalendarDatePickerCalendarGlyphForegroundCalendar icon color
CalendarDatePickerCalendarGlyphForegroundDisabledCalendar icon color when disabled
CalendarDatePickerTextForegroundPlaceholder text color
CalendarDatePickerTextForegroundDisabledPlaceholder text when disabled
CalendarDatePickerTextForegroundSelectedPlaceholder text when selected
CalendarDatePickerHeaderForegroundDisabledHeader text color when disabled
CalendarDatePickerBackgroundBackground color at rest
CalendarDatePickerBackgroundPointerOverBackground color on hover
CalendarDatePickerBackgroundPressedBackground color when pressed
CalendarDatePickerBackgroundDisabledBackground color when disabled
CalendarDatePickerBackgroundFocusedBackground color when focused
CalendarDatePickerBorderBrushBorder color at rest
CalendarDatePickerBorderBrushPointerOverBorder color on hover
CalendarDatePickerBorderBrushPressedBorder color when pressed
CalendarDatePickerBorderBrushDisabledBorder color when disabled

Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1607 14393 LightDismissOverlayMode
1809 17763 Description


CalendarDatePicker() CalendarDatePicker() CalendarDatePicker() CalendarDatePicker()

Initializes a new instance of the CalendarDatePicker class.


AccessKey AccessKey AccessKey AccessKey

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CalendarIdentifier CalendarIdentifier CalendarIdentifier CalendarIdentifier

Gets or sets the calendar system to use.

CalendarIdentifierProperty CalendarIdentifierProperty CalendarIdentifierProperty CalendarIdentifierProperty

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CalendarViewStyle CalendarViewStyle CalendarViewStyle CalendarViewStyle

Gets or sets the Style associated with the control's internal CalendarView object.

CalendarViewStyleProperty CalendarViewStyleProperty CalendarViewStyleProperty CalendarViewStyleProperty

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CanBeScrollAnchor CanBeScrollAnchor CanBeScrollAnchor CanBeScrollAnchor

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CenterPoint CenterPoint CenterPoint CenterPoint

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CharacterSpacingProperty CharacterSpacingProperty CharacterSpacingProperty CharacterSpacingProperty

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CompositeMode CompositeMode CompositeMode CompositeMode

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Date Date Date Date

Gets or sets the date currently set in the calendar picker.

DateFormat DateFormat DateFormat DateFormat

Gets or sets the display format for the date value in the picker's text box.

DateFormatProperty DateFormatProperty DateFormatProperty DateFormatProperty

Identifies the DateFormat dependency property.

DateProperty DateProperty DateProperty DateProperty

Identifies the Date dependency property.

DayOfWeekFormat DayOfWeekFormat DayOfWeekFormat DayOfWeekFormat

Gets or sets the display format for the day of the week headers in the picker's CalendarView.

DayOfWeekFormatProperty DayOfWeekFormatProperty DayOfWeekFormatProperty DayOfWeekFormatProperty

Identifies the DayOfWeekFormat dependency property.

DefaultStyleKey DefaultStyleKey DefaultStyleKey DefaultStyleKey

Gets or sets the key that references the default style for the control. Authors of custom controls use this property to change the default for the style that their control uses.

(Inherited from Control)
DefaultStyleKeyProperty DefaultStyleKeyProperty DefaultStyleKeyProperty DefaultStyleKeyProperty

Identifies the DefaultStyleKey dependency property.

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DefaultStyleResourceUri DefaultStyleResourceUri DefaultStyleResourceUri DefaultStyleResourceUri

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DefaultStyleResourceUriProperty DefaultStyleResourceUriProperty DefaultStyleResourceUriProperty DefaultStyleResourceUriProperty

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Description Description Description Description

Gets or sets content that is shown below the control. The content should provide guidance about the input expected by the control.

DescriptionProperty DescriptionProperty DescriptionProperty DescriptionProperty

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DesiredSize DesiredSize DesiredSize DesiredSize

Gets the size that this UIElement computed during the measure pass of the layout process.

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Dispatcher Dispatcher Dispatcher Dispatcher

Gets the CoreDispatcher that this object is associated with. The CoreDispatcher represents a facility that can access the DependencyObject on the UI thread even if the code is initiated by a non-UI thread.

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DisplayMode DisplayMode DisplayMode DisplayMode

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the calendar shows selections for month, year, or decade in the picker's CalendarView.

DisplayModeProperty DisplayModeProperty DisplayModeProperty DisplayModeProperty

Identifies the DisplayMode dependency property.

DoubleTappedEvent DoubleTappedEvent DoubleTappedEvent DoubleTappedEvent

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ElementSoundMode ElementSoundMode ElementSoundMode ElementSoundMode

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ExitDisplayModeOnAccessKeyInvoked ExitDisplayModeOnAccessKeyInvoked ExitDisplayModeOnAccessKeyInvoked ExitDisplayModeOnAccessKeyInvoked

Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the access key display is dismissed when an access key is invoked.

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ExitDisplayModeOnAccessKeyInvokedProperty ExitDisplayModeOnAccessKeyInvokedProperty ExitDisplayModeOnAccessKeyInvokedProperty ExitDisplayModeOnAccessKeyInvokedProperty

Identifies the ExitDisplayModeOnAccessKeyInvoked  dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
FirstDayOfWeek FirstDayOfWeek FirstDayOfWeek FirstDayOfWeek

Gets or sets a value that indicates which day is shown as the first day of the week in the picker's CalendarView.

FirstDayOfWeekProperty FirstDayOfWeekProperty FirstDayOfWeekProperty FirstDayOfWeekProperty

Identifies the FirstDayOfWeek dependency property.

FlowDirection FlowDirection FlowDirection FlowDirection

Gets or sets the direction in which text and other UI elements flow within any parent element that controls their layout. This property can be set to either LeftToRight or RightToLeft. Setting FlowDirection to RightToLeft on any element sets the alignment to the right, the reading order to right-to-left and the layout of the control to flow from right to left.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
FlowDirectionProperty FlowDirectionProperty FlowDirectionProperty FlowDirectionProperty

Identifies the FlowDirection  dependency property.

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FocusState FocusState FocusState FocusState

Gets a value that specifies whether this control has focus, and the mode by which focus was obtained.

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FocusStateProperty FocusStateProperty FocusStateProperty FocusStateProperty

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FocusVisualMargin FocusVisualMargin FocusVisualMargin FocusVisualMargin

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FocusVisualPrimaryThicknessProperty FocusVisualPrimaryThicknessProperty FocusVisualPrimaryThicknessProperty FocusVisualPrimaryThicknessProperty

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FocusVisualSecondaryThicknessProperty FocusVisualSecondaryThicknessProperty FocusVisualSecondaryThicknessProperty FocusVisualSecondaryThicknessProperty

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FontFamily FontFamily FontFamily FontFamily

Gets or sets the font used to display text in the control.

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FontFamilyProperty FontFamilyProperty FontFamilyProperty FontFamilyProperty

Identifies the FontFamily dependency property.

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FontSize FontSize FontSize FontSize

Gets or sets the size of the text in this control.

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FontStretch FontStretch FontStretch FontStretch

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FontStretchProperty FontStretchProperty FontStretchProperty FontStretchProperty

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FontStyle FontStyle FontStyle FontStyle

Gets or sets the style in which the text is rendered.

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FontStyleProperty FontStyleProperty FontStyleProperty FontStyleProperty

Identifies the FontStyle dependency property.

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FontWeight FontWeight FontWeight FontWeight

Gets or sets the thickness of the specified font.

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FontWeightProperty FontWeightProperty FontWeightProperty FontWeightProperty

Identifies the FontWeight dependency property.

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Foreground Foreground Foreground Foreground

Gets or sets a brush that describes the foreground color.

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ForegroundProperty ForegroundProperty ForegroundProperty ForegroundProperty

Identifies the Foreground dependency property.

(Inherited from Control)
GettingFocusEvent GettingFocusEvent GettingFocusEvent GettingFocusEvent

Gets the identifier for the GettingFocus routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Header Header Header Header

Gets or sets the content for the calendar picker's header.

HeaderProperty HeaderProperty HeaderProperty HeaderProperty

Identifies the Header dependency property.

HeaderTemplate HeaderTemplate HeaderTemplate HeaderTemplate

Gets or sets the DataTemplate used to display the content of the header.

HeaderTemplateProperty HeaderTemplateProperty HeaderTemplateProperty HeaderTemplateProperty

Identifies the HeaderTemplate dependency property.

Height Height Height Height

Gets or sets the suggested height of a FrameworkElement.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
HeightProperty HeightProperty HeightProperty HeightProperty

Identifies the Height  dependency property.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
HighContrastAdjustment HighContrastAdjustment HighContrastAdjustment HighContrastAdjustment

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the framework automatically adjusts the element's visual properties when high contrast themes are enabled.

(Inherited from UIElement)
HighContrastAdjustmentProperty HighContrastAdjustmentProperty HighContrastAdjustmentProperty HighContrastAdjustmentProperty

Identifies the HighContrastAdjustment dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
HoldingEvent HoldingEvent HoldingEvent HoldingEvent

Gets the identifier for the Holding routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
HorizontalAlignment HorizontalAlignment HorizontalAlignment HorizontalAlignment

Gets or sets the horizontal alignment characteristics that are applied to a FrameworkElement when it is composed in a layout parent, such as a panel or items control.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
HorizontalAlignmentProperty HorizontalAlignmentProperty HorizontalAlignmentProperty HorizontalAlignmentProperty

Identifies the HorizontalAlignment  dependency property.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
HorizontalContentAlignment HorizontalContentAlignment HorizontalContentAlignment HorizontalContentAlignment

Gets or sets the horizontal alignment of the control's content.

(Inherited from Control)
HorizontalContentAlignmentProperty HorizontalContentAlignmentProperty HorizontalContentAlignmentProperty HorizontalContentAlignmentProperty

Identifies the HorizontalContentAlignment dependency property.

(Inherited from Control)
IsAccessKeyScope IsAccessKeyScope IsAccessKeyScope IsAccessKeyScope

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether an element defines its own access key scope.

(Inherited from UIElement)
IsAccessKeyScopeProperty IsAccessKeyScopeProperty IsAccessKeyScopeProperty IsAccessKeyScopeProperty

Identifies for the IsAccessKeyScope dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
IsCalendarOpen IsCalendarOpen IsCalendarOpen IsCalendarOpen

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the calendar view of the CalendarDatePicker is currently shown.

IsCalendarOpenProperty IsCalendarOpenProperty IsCalendarOpenProperty IsCalendarOpenProperty

Identifies the IsCalendarOpen dependency property.

IsDoubleTapEnabled IsDoubleTapEnabled IsDoubleTapEnabled IsDoubleTapEnabled

Gets or sets a value that determines whether the DoubleTapped event can originate from that element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
IsDoubleTapEnabledProperty IsDoubleTapEnabledProperty IsDoubleTapEnabledProperty IsDoubleTapEnabledProperty

Identifies the IsDoubleTapEnabled dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
IsEnabled IsEnabled IsEnabled IsEnabled

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the user can interact with the control.

(Inherited from Control)
IsEnabledProperty IsEnabledProperty IsEnabledProperty IsEnabledProperty

Identifies the IsEnabled dependency property.

(Inherited from Control)
IsFocusEngaged IsFocusEngaged IsFocusEngaged IsFocusEngaged

Get or sets a value that indicates whether focus is constrained within the control boundaries (for game pad/remote interaction).

(Inherited from Control)
IsFocusEngagedProperty IsFocusEngagedProperty IsFocusEngagedProperty IsFocusEngagedProperty

Identifies the IsFocusEngaged dependency property.

(Inherited from Control)
IsFocusEngagementEnabled IsFocusEngagementEnabled IsFocusEngagementEnabled IsFocusEngagementEnabled

Get or sets a value that indicates whether focus can be constrained within the control boundaries (for game pad/remote interaction).

(Inherited from Control)
IsFocusEngagementEnabledProperty IsFocusEngagementEnabledProperty IsFocusEngagementEnabledProperty IsFocusEngagementEnabledProperty

Identifies the IsFocusEngagementEnabled dependency property.

(Inherited from Control)
IsGroupLabelVisible IsGroupLabelVisible IsGroupLabelVisible IsGroupLabelVisible

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the month name is shown with the first day of the month in the picker's CalendarView.

IsGroupLabelVisibleProperty IsGroupLabelVisibleProperty IsGroupLabelVisibleProperty IsGroupLabelVisibleProperty

Identifies the IsGroupLabelVisible  dependency property.

IsHitTestVisible IsHitTestVisible IsHitTestVisible IsHitTestVisible

Gets or sets whether the contained area of this UIElement can return true values for hit testing.

(Inherited from UIElement)
IsHitTestVisibleProperty IsHitTestVisibleProperty IsHitTestVisibleProperty IsHitTestVisibleProperty

Identifies the IsHitTestVisible dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
IsHoldingEnabled IsHoldingEnabled IsHoldingEnabled IsHoldingEnabled

Gets or sets a value that determines whether the Holding event can originate from that element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
IsHoldingEnabledProperty IsHoldingEnabledProperty IsHoldingEnabledProperty IsHoldingEnabledProperty

Identifies the IsHoldingEnabled dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
IsLoaded IsLoaded IsLoaded IsLoaded

Gets a value that indicates whether the element has been added to the element tree and is ready for interaction.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
IsOutOfScopeEnabled IsOutOfScopeEnabled IsOutOfScopeEnabled IsOutOfScopeEnabled

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether out-of-scope calendar items are shown with a unique foreground color in the picker's CalendarView.

IsOutOfScopeEnabledProperty IsOutOfScopeEnabledProperty IsOutOfScopeEnabledProperty IsOutOfScopeEnabledProperty

Identifies the IsOutOfScopeEnabled dependency property.

IsRightTapEnabled IsRightTapEnabled IsRightTapEnabled IsRightTapEnabled

Gets or sets a value that determines whether the RightTapped event can originate from that element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
IsRightTapEnabledProperty IsRightTapEnabledProperty IsRightTapEnabledProperty IsRightTapEnabledProperty

Identifies the IsRightTapEnabled dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
IsTabStop IsTabStop IsTabStop IsTabStop

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether a control is included in tab navigation.

(Inherited from Control)
IsTabStopProperty IsTabStopProperty IsTabStopProperty IsTabStopProperty

Identifies the IsTabStop  dependency property.

(Inherited from Control)
IsTapEnabled IsTapEnabled IsTapEnabled IsTapEnabled

Gets or sets a value that determines whether the Tapped event can originate from that element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
IsTapEnabledProperty IsTapEnabledProperty IsTapEnabledProperty IsTapEnabledProperty

Identifies the IsTapEnabled dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
IsTemplateFocusTargetProperty IsTemplateFocusTargetProperty IsTemplateFocusTargetProperty IsTemplateFocusTargetProperty

Identifies the Control.IsTemplateFocusTarget XAML attached property.

(Inherited from Control)
IsTemplateKeyTipTargetProperty IsTemplateKeyTipTargetProperty IsTemplateKeyTipTargetProperty IsTemplateKeyTipTargetProperty

Identifies the Control.IsTemplateKeyTipTarget XAML attached property.

(Inherited from Control)
IsTextScaleFactorEnabled IsTextScaleFactorEnabled IsTextScaleFactorEnabled IsTextScaleFactorEnabled

Gets or sets whether automatic text enlargement, to reflect the system text size setting, is enabled.

(Inherited from Control)
IsTextScaleFactorEnabledProperty IsTextScaleFactorEnabledProperty IsTextScaleFactorEnabledProperty IsTextScaleFactorEnabledProperty

Identifies the IsTextScaleFactorEnabled  dependency property.

(Inherited from Control)
IsTodayHighlighted IsTodayHighlighted IsTodayHighlighted IsTodayHighlighted

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the current date is highlighted in the picker's CalendarView.

IsTodayHighlightedProperty IsTodayHighlightedProperty IsTodayHighlightedProperty IsTodayHighlightedProperty

Identifies the IsTodayHighlighted dependency property.

KeyboardAcceleratorPlacementMode KeyboardAcceleratorPlacementMode KeyboardAcceleratorPlacementMode KeyboardAcceleratorPlacementMode

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the control tooltip displays the key combination for it's associated keyboard accelerator.

(Inherited from UIElement)
KeyboardAcceleratorPlacementModeProperty KeyboardAcceleratorPlacementModeProperty KeyboardAcceleratorPlacementModeProperty KeyboardAcceleratorPlacementModeProperty

Identifies the KeyboardAcceleratorPlacementMode dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
KeyboardAcceleratorPlacementTarget KeyboardAcceleratorPlacementTarget KeyboardAcceleratorPlacementTarget KeyboardAcceleratorPlacementTarget

Gets or sets a value that indicates the control tooltip that displays the accelerator key combination.

(Inherited from UIElement)
KeyboardAcceleratorPlacementTargetProperty KeyboardAcceleratorPlacementTargetProperty KeyboardAcceleratorPlacementTargetProperty KeyboardAcceleratorPlacementTargetProperty

Identifies the KeyboardAcceleratorPlacementTarget dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
KeyboardAccelerators KeyboardAccelerators KeyboardAccelerators KeyboardAccelerators

Gets the collection of key combinations that invoke an action using the keyboard.

Accelerators are typically assigned to buttons or menu items.

Example of a menu showing keyboard accelerators for various menu items

Example of a menu showing keyboard accelerators for various menu items

(Inherited from UIElement)
KeyDownEvent KeyDownEvent KeyDownEvent KeyDownEvent

Gets the identifier for the KeyDown routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
KeyTipHorizontalOffset KeyTipHorizontalOffset KeyTipHorizontalOffset KeyTipHorizontalOffset

Gets or sets a value that indicates how far left or right the Key Tip is placed in relation to the UIElement.

(Inherited from UIElement)
KeyTipHorizontalOffsetProperty KeyTipHorizontalOffsetProperty KeyTipHorizontalOffsetProperty KeyTipHorizontalOffsetProperty

Identifies the KeyTipHorizontalOffset dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
KeyTipPlacementMode KeyTipPlacementMode KeyTipPlacementMode KeyTipPlacementMode

Gets or sets a value that indicates where the access key Key Tip is placed in relation to the boundary of the UIElement.

(Inherited from UIElement)
KeyTipPlacementModeProperty KeyTipPlacementModeProperty KeyTipPlacementModeProperty KeyTipPlacementModeProperty

Identifies the KeyTipPlacementMode dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
KeyTipTarget KeyTipTarget KeyTipTarget KeyTipTarget

Gets or sets a value that indicates the element targeted by the access key Key Tip.

(Inherited from UIElement)
KeyTipTargetProperty KeyTipTargetProperty KeyTipTargetProperty KeyTipTargetProperty

Identifies the KeyTipTarget dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
KeyTipVerticalOffset KeyTipVerticalOffset KeyTipVerticalOffset KeyTipVerticalOffset

Gets or sets a value that indicates how far up or down the Key Tip is placed in relation to the UI element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
KeyTipVerticalOffsetProperty KeyTipVerticalOffsetProperty KeyTipVerticalOffsetProperty KeyTipVerticalOffsetProperty

Identifies the KeyTipVerticalOffset dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
KeyUpEvent KeyUpEvent KeyUpEvent KeyUpEvent

Gets the identifier for the KeyUp routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Language Language Language Language

Gets or sets localization/globalization language information that applies to a FrameworkElement, and also to all child elements of the current FrameworkElement in the object representation and in UI.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
LanguageProperty LanguageProperty LanguageProperty LanguageProperty

Identifies the Language dependency property.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
LightDismissOverlayMode LightDismissOverlayMode LightDismissOverlayMode LightDismissOverlayMode

Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the area outside of a light-dismiss UI is darkened.

LightDismissOverlayModeProperty LightDismissOverlayModeProperty LightDismissOverlayModeProperty LightDismissOverlayModeProperty

Identifies the LightDismissOverlayMode dependency property.

Lights Lights Lights Lights

Gets the collection of XamlLight objects attached to this element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
LightsProperty LightsProperty LightsProperty LightsProperty

Identifies the Lights dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
LosingFocusEvent LosingFocusEvent LosingFocusEvent LosingFocusEvent

Gets the identifier for the LosingFocus routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ManipulationCompletedEvent ManipulationCompletedEvent ManipulationCompletedEvent ManipulationCompletedEvent

Gets the identifier for the ManipulationCompleted routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ManipulationDeltaEvent ManipulationDeltaEvent ManipulationDeltaEvent ManipulationDeltaEvent

Gets the identifier for the ManipulationDelta routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ManipulationInertiaStartingEvent ManipulationInertiaStartingEvent ManipulationInertiaStartingEvent ManipulationInertiaStartingEvent

Gets the identifier for the ManipulationInertiaStarting routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ManipulationMode ManipulationMode ManipulationMode ManipulationMode

Gets or sets the ManipulationModes value used for UIElement behavior and interaction with gestures. Setting this value enables handling the manipulation events from this element in app code.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ManipulationModeProperty ManipulationModeProperty ManipulationModeProperty ManipulationModeProperty

Identifies the ManipulationMode dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ManipulationStartedEvent ManipulationStartedEvent ManipulationStartedEvent ManipulationStartedEvent

Gets the identifier for the ManipulationStarted routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ManipulationStartingEvent ManipulationStartingEvent ManipulationStartingEvent ManipulationStartingEvent

Gets the identifier for the ManipulationStarting routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Margin Margin Margin Margin

Gets or sets the outer margin of a FrameworkElement.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
MarginProperty MarginProperty MarginProperty MarginProperty

Identifies the Margin  dependency property.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
MaxDate MaxDate MaxDate MaxDate

Gets or sets the latest date that can be set in the picker.

MaxDateProperty MaxDateProperty MaxDateProperty MaxDateProperty

Identifies the MaxDate dependency property.

MaxHeight MaxHeight MaxHeight MaxHeight

Gets or sets the maximum height constraint of a FrameworkElement.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
MaxHeightProperty MaxHeightProperty MaxHeightProperty MaxHeightProperty

Identifies the MaxHeight  dependency property.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
MaxWidth MaxWidth MaxWidth MaxWidth

Gets or sets the maximum width constraint of a FrameworkElement.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
MaxWidthProperty MaxWidthProperty MaxWidthProperty MaxWidthProperty

Identifies the MaxWidth  dependency property.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
MinDate MinDate MinDate MinDate

Gets or sets the earliest date that can be set in the picker.

MinDateProperty MinDateProperty MinDateProperty MinDateProperty

Identifies the MinDate dependency property.

MinHeight MinHeight MinHeight MinHeight

Gets or sets the minimum height constraint of a FrameworkElement.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
MinHeightProperty MinHeightProperty MinHeightProperty MinHeightProperty

Identifies the MinHeight  dependency property.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
MinWidth MinWidth MinWidth MinWidth

Gets or sets the minimum width constraint of a FrameworkElement.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
MinWidthProperty MinWidthProperty MinWidthProperty MinWidthProperty

Identifies the MinWidth  dependency property.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
Name Name Name Name

Gets or sets the identifying name of the object. When a XAML processor creates the object tree from XAML markup, run-time code can refer to the XAML-declared object by this name.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
NameProperty NameProperty NameProperty NameProperty

Identifies the Name  dependency property.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
NoFocusCandidateFoundEvent NoFocusCandidateFoundEvent NoFocusCandidateFoundEvent NoFocusCandidateFoundEvent

Gets the identifier for the NoFocusCandidateFound routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Opacity Opacity Opacity Opacity

Gets or sets the degree of the object's opacity.

(Inherited from UIElement)
OpacityProperty OpacityProperty OpacityProperty OpacityProperty

Identifies the IsHitTestVisible dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
OpacityTransition OpacityTransition OpacityTransition OpacityTransition

Gets or sets the ScalarTransition that animates changes to the Opacity property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Padding Padding Padding Padding

Gets or sets the padding inside a control.

(Inherited from Control)
PaddingProperty PaddingProperty PaddingProperty PaddingProperty

Identifies the Padding dependency property.

(Inherited from Control)
Parent Parent Parent Parent

Gets the parent object of this FrameworkElement in the object tree.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
PlaceholderText PlaceholderText PlaceholderText PlaceholderText

Gets or sets the text that is displayed in the picker's text box until the value is changed by a user action or some other operation.

PlaceholderTextProperty PlaceholderTextProperty PlaceholderTextProperty PlaceholderTextProperty

Identifies the PlaceholderText dependency property.

PointerCanceledEvent PointerCanceledEvent PointerCanceledEvent PointerCanceledEvent

Gets the identifier for the PointerCanceled routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PointerCaptureLostEvent PointerCaptureLostEvent PointerCaptureLostEvent PointerCaptureLostEvent

Gets the identifier for the PointerCaptureLost routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PointerCaptures PointerCaptures PointerCaptures PointerCaptures

Gets the set of all captured pointers, represented as Pointer values.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PointerCapturesProperty PointerCapturesProperty PointerCapturesProperty PointerCapturesProperty

Identifies the PointerCaptures dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PointerEnteredEvent PointerEnteredEvent PointerEnteredEvent PointerEnteredEvent

Gets the identifier for the PointerEntered routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PointerExitedEvent PointerExitedEvent PointerExitedEvent PointerExitedEvent

Gets the identifier for the PointerExited routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PointerMovedEvent PointerMovedEvent PointerMovedEvent PointerMovedEvent

Gets the identifier for the PointerMoved routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PointerPressedEvent PointerPressedEvent PointerPressedEvent PointerPressedEvent

Gets the identifier for the PointerPressed routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PointerReleasedEvent PointerReleasedEvent PointerReleasedEvent PointerReleasedEvent

Gets the identifier for the PointerReleased routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PointerWheelChangedEvent PointerWheelChangedEvent PointerWheelChangedEvent PointerWheelChangedEvent

Gets the identifier for the PointerWheelChanged routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PreviewKeyDownEvent PreviewKeyDownEvent PreviewKeyDownEvent PreviewKeyDownEvent

Gets the identifier for the PreviewKeyDown routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PreviewKeyUpEvent PreviewKeyUpEvent PreviewKeyUpEvent PreviewKeyUpEvent

Gets the identifier for the PreviewKeyUp routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Projection Projection Projection Projection

Gets or sets the perspective projection (3-D effect) to apply when rendering this element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ProjectionProperty ProjectionProperty ProjectionProperty ProjectionProperty

Identifies the Projection dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
RenderSize RenderSize RenderSize RenderSize

Gets the final render size of a UIElement. Use is not recommended, see Remarks.

(Inherited from UIElement)
RenderTransform RenderTransform RenderTransform RenderTransform

Gets or sets transform information that affects the rendering position of a UIElement.

(Inherited from UIElement)
RenderTransformOrigin RenderTransformOrigin RenderTransformOrigin RenderTransformOrigin

Gets or sets the origin point of any possible render transform declared by RenderTransform, relative to the bounds of the UIElement.

(Inherited from UIElement)
RenderTransformOriginProperty RenderTransformOriginProperty RenderTransformOriginProperty RenderTransformOriginProperty

Identifies the RenderTransformOrigin dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
RenderTransformProperty RenderTransformProperty RenderTransformProperty RenderTransformProperty

Identifies the RenderTransform dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
RequestedTheme RequestedTheme RequestedTheme RequestedTheme

Gets or sets the UI theme that is used by the UIElement (and its child elements) for resource determination. The UI theme you specify with RequestedTheme can override the app-level RequestedTheme.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
RequestedThemeProperty RequestedThemeProperty RequestedThemeProperty RequestedThemeProperty

Identifies the RequestedTheme dependency property.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
RequiresPointer RequiresPointer RequiresPointer RequiresPointer

Gets or sets whether a UI element supports mouse mode, which emulates pointer interaction experiences with non-pointer input devices such as an Xbox gamepad or remote control.

(Inherited from Control)
RequiresPointerProperty RequiresPointerProperty RequiresPointerProperty RequiresPointerProperty

Identifies the RequiresPointer dependency property.

(Inherited from Control)
Resources Resources Resources Resources

Gets the locally defined resource dictionary. In XAML, you can establish resource items as child object elements of a frameworkElement.Resources property element, through XAML implicit collection syntax.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
RightTappedEvent RightTappedEvent RightTappedEvent RightTappedEvent

Gets the identifier for the RightTapped routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Rotation Rotation Rotation Rotation

Gets or sets the angle of clockwise rotation, in degrees. Rotates relative to the RotationAxis and the CenterPoint. Affects the rendering position of the element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
RotationAxis RotationAxis RotationAxis RotationAxis

Gets or sets the axis to rotate the element around.

(Inherited from UIElement)
RotationTransition RotationTransition RotationTransition RotationTransition

Gets or sets the ScalarTransition that animates changes to the Rotation property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Scale Scale Scale Scale

Gets or sets the scale of the element. Scales relative to the element's CenterPoint. Affects the rendering position of the element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ScaleTransition ScaleTransition ScaleTransition ScaleTransition

Gets or sets the Vector3Transition that animates changes to the Scale property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Shadow Shadow Shadow Shadow

Gets or sets the shadow effect cast by the element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ShadowProperty ShadowProperty ShadowProperty ShadowProperty

Identifies the Shadow dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Style Style Style Style

Gets or sets an instance Style that is applied for this object during layout and rendering.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
StyleProperty StyleProperty StyleProperty StyleProperty

Identifies the Style dependency property.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
TabFocusNavigation TabFocusNavigation TabFocusNavigation TabFocusNavigation

Gets or sets a value that modifies how tabbing and TabIndex work for this control.

(Inherited from UIElement)
TabFocusNavigationProperty TabFocusNavigationProperty TabFocusNavigationProperty TabFocusNavigationProperty

Identifies the TabFocusNavigation dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
TabIndex TabIndex TabIndex TabIndex

Gets or sets a value that determines the order in which elements receive focus when the user navigates through controls by pressing the Tab key.

(Inherited from Control)
TabIndexProperty TabIndexProperty TabIndexProperty TabIndexProperty

Identifies the TabIndex  dependency property.

(Inherited from Control)
TabNavigation TabNavigation TabNavigation TabNavigation

Gets or sets a value that modifies how tabbing and TabIndex work for this control.


For Windows 10 Creators Update (build 10.0.15063) and newer, the TabFocusNavigation property is available on the UIElement base class to include objects in the tab sequence that do not use a ControlTemplate.

(Inherited from Control)
TabNavigationProperty TabNavigationProperty TabNavigationProperty TabNavigationProperty

Identifies the TabNavigation  dependency property.

(Inherited from Control)
Tag Tag Tag Tag

Gets or sets an arbitrary object value that can be used to store custom information about this object.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
TagProperty TagProperty TagProperty TagProperty

Identifies the Tag  dependency property.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
TappedEvent TappedEvent TappedEvent TappedEvent

Gets the identifier for the Tapped routed event.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Template Template Template Template

Gets or sets a control template. The control template defines the visual appearance of a control in UI, and is defined in XAML markup.

(Inherited from Control)
TemplateProperty TemplateProperty TemplateProperty TemplateProperty

Identifies the Template  dependency property.

(Inherited from Control)
Transform3D Transform3D Transform3D Transform3D

Gets or sets the 3-D transform effect to apply when rendering this element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Transform3DProperty Transform3DProperty Transform3DProperty Transform3DProperty

Identifies the Transform3D dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
TransformMatrix TransformMatrix TransformMatrix TransformMatrix

Gets or sets the transformation matrix to apply to the element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Transitions Transitions Transitions Transitions

Gets or sets the collection of Transition style elements that apply to a UIElement.

(Inherited from UIElement)
TransitionsProperty TransitionsProperty TransitionsProperty TransitionsProperty

Identifies the Transitions dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Translation Translation Translation Translation

Gets or sets the x, y, and z rendering position of the element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
TranslationTransition TranslationTransition TranslationTransition TranslationTransition

Gets or sets the Vector3Transition that animates changes to the Translation property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Triggers Triggers Triggers Triggers

Gets the collection of triggers for animations that are defined for a FrameworkElement. Not commonly used. See Remarks.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
UIContext UIContext UIContext UIContext

Gets the context identifier for the element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
UseLayoutRounding UseLayoutRounding UseLayoutRounding UseLayoutRounding

Gets or sets a value that determines whether rendering for the object and its visual subtree should use rounding behavior that aligns rendering to whole pixels.

(Inherited from UIElement)
UseLayoutRoundingProperty UseLayoutRoundingProperty UseLayoutRoundingProperty UseLayoutRoundingProperty

Identifies the UseLayoutRounding dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
UseSystemFocusVisuals UseSystemFocusVisuals UseSystemFocusVisuals UseSystemFocusVisuals

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the control uses focus visuals that are drawn by the system or those defined in the control template.

(Inherited from Control)
UseSystemFocusVisualsProperty UseSystemFocusVisualsProperty UseSystemFocusVisualsProperty UseSystemFocusVisualsProperty

Identifies the UseSystemFocusVisuals dependency property.

(Inherited from Control)
VerticalAlignment VerticalAlignment VerticalAlignment VerticalAlignment

Gets or sets the vertical alignment characteristics that are applied to a FrameworkElement when it is composed in a parent object such as a panel or items control.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
VerticalAlignmentProperty VerticalAlignmentProperty VerticalAlignmentProperty VerticalAlignmentProperty

Identifies the VerticalAlignment  dependency property.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
VerticalContentAlignment VerticalContentAlignment VerticalContentAlignment VerticalContentAlignment

Gets or sets the vertical alignment of the control's content.

(Inherited from Control)
VerticalContentAlignmentProperty VerticalContentAlignmentProperty VerticalContentAlignmentProperty VerticalContentAlignmentProperty

Identifies the VerticalContentAlignment dependency property.

(Inherited from Control)
Visibility Visibility Visibility Visibility

Gets or sets the visibility of a UIElement. A UIElement that is not visible is not rendered and does not communicate its desired size to layout.

(Inherited from UIElement)
VisibilityProperty VisibilityProperty VisibilityProperty VisibilityProperty

Identifies the Visibility dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Width Width Width Width

Gets or sets the width of a FrameworkElement.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
WidthProperty WidthProperty WidthProperty WidthProperty

Identifies the Width  dependency property.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
XamlRoot XamlRoot XamlRoot XamlRoot

Gets or sets the XamlRoot in which this element is being viewed.

(Inherited from UIElement)
XYFocusDown XYFocusDown XYFocusDown XYFocusDown

Gets or sets the object that gets focus when a user presses the Directional Pad (D-pad) down.

(Inherited from Control)
XYFocusDownNavigationStrategy XYFocusDownNavigationStrategy XYFocusDownNavigationStrategy XYFocusDownNavigationStrategy

Gets or sets a value that specifies the strategy used to determine the target element of a down navigation.

(Inherited from UIElement)
XYFocusDownNavigationStrategyProperty XYFocusDownNavigationStrategyProperty XYFocusDownNavigationStrategyProperty XYFocusDownNavigationStrategyProperty

Identifies the XYFocusDownNavigationStrategy dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
XYFocusDownProperty XYFocusDownProperty XYFocusDownProperty XYFocusDownProperty

Identifies the XYFocusDown dependency property.

(Inherited from Control)
XYFocusKeyboardNavigation XYFocusKeyboardNavigation XYFocusKeyboardNavigation XYFocusKeyboardNavigation

Gets or sets a value that enables or disables navigation using the keyboard directional arrows.

(Inherited from UIElement)
XYFocusKeyboardNavigationProperty XYFocusKeyboardNavigationProperty XYFocusKeyboardNavigationProperty XYFocusKeyboardNavigationProperty

Identifies the XYFocusKeyboardNavigation dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
XYFocusLeft XYFocusLeft XYFocusLeft XYFocusLeft

Gets or sets the object that gets focus when a user presses the Directional Pad (D-pad) left.

(Inherited from Control)
XYFocusLeftNavigationStrategy XYFocusLeftNavigationStrategy XYFocusLeftNavigationStrategy XYFocusLeftNavigationStrategy

Gets or sets a value that specifies the strategy used to determine the target element of a left navigation.

(Inherited from UIElement)
XYFocusLeftNavigationStrategyProperty XYFocusLeftNavigationStrategyProperty XYFocusLeftNavigationStrategyProperty XYFocusLeftNavigationStrategyProperty

Identifies the XYFocusLeftNavigationStrategy dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
XYFocusLeftProperty XYFocusLeftProperty XYFocusLeftProperty XYFocusLeftProperty

Identifies the XYFocusLeft dependency property.

(Inherited from Control)
XYFocusRight XYFocusRight XYFocusRight XYFocusRight

Gets or sets the object that gets focus when a user presses the Directional Pad (D-pad) right.

(Inherited from Control)
XYFocusRightNavigationStrategy XYFocusRightNavigationStrategy XYFocusRightNavigationStrategy XYFocusRightNavigationStrategy

Gets or sets a value that specifies the strategy used to determine the target element of a right navigation.

(Inherited from UIElement)
XYFocusRightNavigationStrategyProperty XYFocusRightNavigationStrategyProperty XYFocusRightNavigationStrategyProperty XYFocusRightNavigationStrategyProperty

Identifies the XYFocusRightNavigationStrategy dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
XYFocusRightProperty XYFocusRightProperty XYFocusRightProperty XYFocusRightProperty

Identifies the XYFocusRight dependency property.

(Inherited from Control)
XYFocusUp XYFocusUp XYFocusUp XYFocusUp

Gets or sets the object that gets focus when a user presses the Directional Pad (D-pad) up.

(Inherited from Control)
XYFocusUpNavigationStrategy XYFocusUpNavigationStrategy XYFocusUpNavigationStrategy XYFocusUpNavigationStrategy

Gets or sets a value that specifies the strategy used to determine the target element of an up navigation.

(Inherited from UIElement)
XYFocusUpNavigationStrategyProperty XYFocusUpNavigationStrategyProperty XYFocusUpNavigationStrategyProperty XYFocusUpNavigationStrategyProperty

Identifies the XYFocusUpNavigationStrategy dependency property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
XYFocusUpProperty XYFocusUpProperty XYFocusUpProperty XYFocusUpProperty

Identifies the XYFocusUp dependency property.

(Inherited from Control)


AddHandler(RoutedEvent,Object,Boolean) AddHandler(RoutedEvent,Object,Boolean) AddHandler(RoutedEvent,Object,Boolean) AddHandler(RoutedEvent,Object,Boolean)

Adds a routed event handler for a specified routed event, adding the handler to the handler collection on the current element. Specify handledEventsToo as true to have the provided handler be invoked even if the event is handled elsewhere.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ApplyTemplate ApplyTemplate ApplyTemplate ApplyTemplate

Loads the relevant control template so that its parts can be referenced.

(Inherited from Control)
Arrange(Rect) Arrange(Rect) Arrange(Rect) Arrange(Rect)

Positions child objects and determines a size for a UIElement. Parent objects that implement custom layout for their child elements should call this method from their layout override implementations to form a recursive layout update.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ArrangeOverride(Size) ArrangeOverride(Size) ArrangeOverride(Size) ArrangeOverride(Size)

Provides the behavior for the "Arrange" pass of layout. Classes can override this method to define their own "Arrange" pass behavior.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
CancelDirectManipulations CancelDirectManipulations CancelDirectManipulations CancelDirectManipulations

Cancels ongoing direct manipulation processing (system-defined panning/zooming) on any ScrollViewer parent that contains the current UIElement.

(Inherited from UIElement)
CapturePointer(Pointer) CapturePointer(Pointer) CapturePointer(Pointer) CapturePointer(Pointer)

Sets pointer capture to a UIElement. Once captured, only the element that has capture will fire pointer-related events.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ClearValue(DependencyProperty) ClearValue(DependencyProperty) ClearValue(DependencyProperty) ClearValue(DependencyProperty)

Clears the local value of a dependency property.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
DeferTree(DependencyObject) DeferTree(DependencyObject) DeferTree(DependencyObject) DeferTree(DependencyObject)

Removes the specified element from the XAML visual tree in a way that it can be undeferred later.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
FindName(String) FindName(String) FindName(String) FindName(String)

Retrieves an object that has the specified identifier name.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
FindSubElementsForTouchTargeting(Point,Rect) FindSubElementsForTouchTargeting(Point,Rect) FindSubElementsForTouchTargeting(Point,Rect) FindSubElementsForTouchTargeting(Point,Rect)

Enables a UIElement subclass to expose child elements that assist with resolving touch targeting.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Focus(FocusState) Focus(FocusState) Focus(FocusState) Focus(FocusState)

Attempts to set the focus on the control.

(Inherited from Control)
GetAnimationBaseValue(DependencyProperty) GetAnimationBaseValue(DependencyProperty) GetAnimationBaseValue(DependencyProperty) GetAnimationBaseValue(DependencyProperty)

Returns any base value established for a dependency property, which would apply in cases where an animation is not active.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
GetBindingExpression(DependencyProperty) GetBindingExpression(DependencyProperty) GetBindingExpression(DependencyProperty) GetBindingExpression(DependencyProperty)

Returns the BindingExpression that represents the binding on the specified property.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
GetChildrenInTabFocusOrder GetChildrenInTabFocusOrder GetChildrenInTabFocusOrder GetChildrenInTabFocusOrder

Enables a UIElement subclass to expose child elements that take part in Tab focus.

(Inherited from UIElement)
GetIsTemplateFocusTarget(FrameworkElement) GetIsTemplateFocusTarget(FrameworkElement) GetIsTemplateFocusTarget(FrameworkElement) GetIsTemplateFocusTarget(FrameworkElement)

Gets the value of the Control.IsTemplateFocusTarget XAML attached property for the target element.

(Inherited from Control)
GetIsTemplateKeyTipTarget(DependencyObject) GetIsTemplateKeyTipTarget(DependencyObject) GetIsTemplateKeyTipTarget(DependencyObject) GetIsTemplateKeyTipTarget(DependencyObject)

Gets the value of the Control.IsTemplateKeyTipTarget XAML attached property for the target element.

(Inherited from Control)
GetTemplateChild(String) GetTemplateChild(String) GetTemplateChild(String) GetTemplateChild(String)

Retrieves the named element in the instantiated ControlTemplate visual tree.

(Inherited from Control)
GetValue(DependencyProperty) GetValue(DependencyProperty) GetValue(DependencyProperty) GetValue(DependencyProperty)

Returns the current effective value of a dependency property from a DependencyObject.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
GoToElementStateCore(String,Boolean) GoToElementStateCore(String,Boolean) GoToElementStateCore(String,Boolean) GoToElementStateCore(String,Boolean)

When implemented in a derived class, enables per-state construction of a visual tree for a control template in code, rather than by loading XAML for all states at control startup.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
InvalidateArrange InvalidateArrange InvalidateArrange InvalidateArrange

Invalidates the arrange state (layout) for a UIElement. After the invalidation, the UIElement will have its layout updated, which will occur asynchronously.

(Inherited from UIElement)
InvalidateMeasure InvalidateMeasure InvalidateMeasure InvalidateMeasure

Invalidates the measurement state (layout) for a UIElement.

(Inherited from UIElement)
InvalidateViewport InvalidateViewport InvalidateViewport InvalidateViewport

Invalidates the viewport state for a UIElement that is used to calculate the effective viewport.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
Measure(Size) Measure(Size) Measure(Size) Measure(Size)

Updates the DesiredSize of a UIElement. Typically, objects that implement custom layout for their layout children call this method from their own MeasureOverride implementations to form a recursive layout update.

(Inherited from UIElement)
MeasureOverride(Size) MeasureOverride(Size) MeasureOverride(Size) MeasureOverride(Size)

Provides the behavior for the "Measure" pass of the layout cycle. Classes can override this method to define their own "Measure" pass behavior.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
OnApplyTemplate OnApplyTemplate OnApplyTemplate OnApplyTemplate

Invoked whenever application code or internal processes (such as a rebuilding layout pass) call ApplyTemplate. In simplest terms, this means the method is called just before a UI element displays in your app. Override this method to influence the default post-template logic of a class.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
OnBringIntoViewRequested(BringIntoViewRequestedEventArgs) OnBringIntoViewRequested(BringIntoViewRequestedEventArgs) OnBringIntoViewRequested(BringIntoViewRequestedEventArgs) OnBringIntoViewRequested(BringIntoViewRequestedEventArgs)

Called before the BringIntoViewRequested event occurs.

(Inherited from UIElement)
OnCharacterReceived(CharacterReceivedRoutedEventArgs) OnCharacterReceived(CharacterReceivedRoutedEventArgs) OnCharacterReceived(CharacterReceivedRoutedEventArgs) OnCharacterReceived(CharacterReceivedRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the CharacterReceived event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnCreateAutomationPeer OnCreateAutomationPeer OnCreateAutomationPeer OnCreateAutomationPeer

When implemented in a derived class, returns class-specific AutomationPeer implementations for the Microsoft UI Automation infrastructure.

(Inherited from UIElement)
OnDisconnectVisualChildren OnDisconnectVisualChildren OnDisconnectVisualChildren OnDisconnectVisualChildren

Override this method to implement how layout and logic should behave when items are removed from a class-specific content or children property.

(Inherited from UIElement)
OnDoubleTapped(DoubleTappedRoutedEventArgs) OnDoubleTapped(DoubleTappedRoutedEventArgs) OnDoubleTapped(DoubleTappedRoutedEventArgs) OnDoubleTapped(DoubleTappedRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the DoubleTapped event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnDragEnter(DragEventArgs) OnDragEnter(DragEventArgs) OnDragEnter(DragEventArgs) OnDragEnter(DragEventArgs)

Called before the DragEnter event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnDragLeave(DragEventArgs) OnDragLeave(DragEventArgs) OnDragLeave(DragEventArgs) OnDragLeave(DragEventArgs)

Called before the DragLeave event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnDragOver(DragEventArgs) OnDragOver(DragEventArgs) OnDragOver(DragEventArgs) OnDragOver(DragEventArgs)

Called before the DragOver event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnDrop(DragEventArgs) OnDrop(DragEventArgs) OnDrop(DragEventArgs) OnDrop(DragEventArgs)

Called before the Drop event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnGotFocus(RoutedEventArgs) OnGotFocus(RoutedEventArgs) OnGotFocus(RoutedEventArgs) OnGotFocus(RoutedEventArgs)

Called before the GotFocus event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnHolding(HoldingRoutedEventArgs) OnHolding(HoldingRoutedEventArgs) OnHolding(HoldingRoutedEventArgs) OnHolding(HoldingRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the Holding event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnKeyboardAcceleratorInvoked(KeyboardAcceleratorInvokedEventArgs) OnKeyboardAcceleratorInvoked(KeyboardAcceleratorInvokedEventArgs) OnKeyboardAcceleratorInvoked(KeyboardAcceleratorInvokedEventArgs) OnKeyboardAcceleratorInvoked(KeyboardAcceleratorInvokedEventArgs)

Called when a keyboard shortcut (or accelerator) is processed in your app. Override this method to handle how your app responds when a keyboard accelerator is invoked.

(Inherited from UIElement)
OnKeyDown(KeyRoutedEventArgs) OnKeyDown(KeyRoutedEventArgs) OnKeyDown(KeyRoutedEventArgs) OnKeyDown(KeyRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the KeyDown event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnKeyUp(KeyRoutedEventArgs) OnKeyUp(KeyRoutedEventArgs) OnKeyUp(KeyRoutedEventArgs) OnKeyUp(KeyRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the KeyUp event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnLostFocus(RoutedEventArgs) OnLostFocus(RoutedEventArgs) OnLostFocus(RoutedEventArgs) OnLostFocus(RoutedEventArgs)

Called before the LostFocus event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnManipulationCompleted(ManipulationCompletedRoutedEventArgs) OnManipulationCompleted(ManipulationCompletedRoutedEventArgs) OnManipulationCompleted(ManipulationCompletedRoutedEventArgs) OnManipulationCompleted(ManipulationCompletedRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the ManipulationCompleted event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnManipulationDelta(ManipulationDeltaRoutedEventArgs) OnManipulationDelta(ManipulationDeltaRoutedEventArgs) OnManipulationDelta(ManipulationDeltaRoutedEventArgs) OnManipulationDelta(ManipulationDeltaRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the ManipulationDelta event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnManipulationInertiaStarting(ManipulationInertiaStartingRoutedEventArgs) OnManipulationInertiaStarting(ManipulationInertiaStartingRoutedEventArgs) OnManipulationInertiaStarting(ManipulationInertiaStartingRoutedEventArgs) OnManipulationInertiaStarting(ManipulationInertiaStartingRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the ManipulationInertiaStarting event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnManipulationStarted(ManipulationStartedRoutedEventArgs) OnManipulationStarted(ManipulationStartedRoutedEventArgs) OnManipulationStarted(ManipulationStartedRoutedEventArgs) OnManipulationStarted(ManipulationStartedRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the ManipulationStarted event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnManipulationStarting(ManipulationStartingRoutedEventArgs) OnManipulationStarting(ManipulationStartingRoutedEventArgs) OnManipulationStarting(ManipulationStartingRoutedEventArgs) OnManipulationStarting(ManipulationStartingRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the ManipulationStarting event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnPointerCanceled(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerCanceled(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerCanceled(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerCanceled(PointerRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the PointerCanceled event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnPointerCaptureLost(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerCaptureLost(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerCaptureLost(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerCaptureLost(PointerRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the PointerCaptureLost event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnPointerEntered(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerEntered(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerEntered(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerEntered(PointerRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the PointerEntered event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnPointerExited(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerExited(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerExited(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerExited(PointerRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the PointerExited event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnPointerMoved(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerMoved(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerMoved(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerMoved(PointerRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the PointerMoved event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnPointerPressed(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerPressed(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerPressed(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerPressed(PointerRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the PointerPressed event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnPointerReleased(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerReleased(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerReleased(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerReleased(PointerRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the PointerReleased event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnPointerWheelChanged(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerWheelChanged(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerWheelChanged(PointerRoutedEventArgs) OnPointerWheelChanged(PointerRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the PointerWheelChanged event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnPreviewKeyDown(KeyRoutedEventArgs) OnPreviewKeyDown(KeyRoutedEventArgs) OnPreviewKeyDown(KeyRoutedEventArgs) OnPreviewKeyDown(KeyRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the PreviewKeyDown event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnPreviewKeyUp(KeyRoutedEventArgs) OnPreviewKeyUp(KeyRoutedEventArgs) OnPreviewKeyUp(KeyRoutedEventArgs) OnPreviewKeyUp(KeyRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the PreviewKeyUp event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnProcessKeyboardAccelerators(ProcessKeyboardAcceleratorEventArgs) OnProcessKeyboardAccelerators(ProcessKeyboardAcceleratorEventArgs) OnProcessKeyboardAccelerators(ProcessKeyboardAcceleratorEventArgs) OnProcessKeyboardAccelerators(ProcessKeyboardAcceleratorEventArgs)

Called just before a keyboard shortcut (or accelerator) is processed in your app. Invoked whenever application code or internal processes call ProcessKeyboardAccelerators. Override this method to influence the default accelerator handling.

(Inherited from UIElement)
OnRightTapped(RightTappedRoutedEventArgs) OnRightTapped(RightTappedRoutedEventArgs) OnRightTapped(RightTappedRoutedEventArgs) OnRightTapped(RightTappedRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the RightTapped event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
OnTapped(TappedRoutedEventArgs) OnTapped(TappedRoutedEventArgs) OnTapped(TappedRoutedEventArgs) OnTapped(TappedRoutedEventArgs)

Called before the Tapped event occurs.

(Inherited from Control)
PopulatePropertyInfo(String,AnimationPropertyInfo) PopulatePropertyInfo(String,AnimationPropertyInfo) PopulatePropertyInfo(String,AnimationPropertyInfo) PopulatePropertyInfo(String,AnimationPropertyInfo)

Defines a property that can be animated.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PopulatePropertyInfoOverride(String,AnimationPropertyInfo) PopulatePropertyInfoOverride(String,AnimationPropertyInfo) PopulatePropertyInfoOverride(String,AnimationPropertyInfo) PopulatePropertyInfoOverride(String,AnimationPropertyInfo)

When overridden in a derived class, defines a property that can be animated.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ReadLocalValue(DependencyProperty) ReadLocalValue(DependencyProperty) ReadLocalValue(DependencyProperty) ReadLocalValue(DependencyProperty)

Returns the local value of a dependency property, if a local value is set.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
RegisterAsScrollPort(UIElement) RegisterAsScrollPort(UIElement) RegisterAsScrollPort(UIElement) RegisterAsScrollPort(UIElement)

Registers an element as representing a scrollable viewport.

(Inherited from UIElement)
RegisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,DependencyPropertyChangedCallback) RegisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,DependencyPropertyChangedCallback) RegisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,DependencyPropertyChangedCallback) RegisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,DependencyPropertyChangedCallback)

Registers a notification function for listening to changes to a specific DependencyProperty on this DependencyObject instance.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
ReleasePointerCapture(Pointer) ReleasePointerCapture(Pointer) ReleasePointerCapture(Pointer) ReleasePointerCapture(Pointer)

Releases pointer captures for capture of one specific pointer by this UIElement.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ReleasePointerCaptures ReleasePointerCaptures ReleasePointerCaptures ReleasePointerCaptures

Releases all pointer captures held by this element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
RemoveFocusEngagement RemoveFocusEngagement RemoveFocusEngagement RemoveFocusEngagement

Releases focus from the control boundaries for a control that has focus engagement (for game pad/remote interaction).

(Inherited from Control)
RemoveHandler(RoutedEvent,Object) RemoveHandler(RoutedEvent,Object) RemoveHandler(RoutedEvent,Object) RemoveHandler(RoutedEvent,Object)

Removes the specified routed event handler from this UIElement. Typically the handler in question was added by AddHandler.

(Inherited from UIElement)
SetBinding(DependencyProperty,BindingBase) SetBinding(DependencyProperty,BindingBase) SetBinding(DependencyProperty,BindingBase) SetBinding(DependencyProperty,BindingBase)

Attaches a binding to a FrameworkElement, using the provided binding object.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
SetDisplayDate(DateTime) SetDisplayDate(DateTime) SetDisplayDate(DateTime) SetDisplayDate(DateTime)

Shows the specified date in the calendar picker.

SetIsTemplateFocusTarget(FrameworkElement,Boolean) SetIsTemplateFocusTarget(FrameworkElement,Boolean) SetIsTemplateFocusTarget(FrameworkElement,Boolean) SetIsTemplateFocusTarget(FrameworkElement,Boolean)

Sets the value of the Control.IsTemplateFocusTarget XAML attached property for a target element.

(Inherited from Control)
SetIsTemplateKeyTipTarget(DependencyObject,Boolean) SetIsTemplateKeyTipTarget(DependencyObject,Boolean) SetIsTemplateKeyTipTarget(DependencyObject,Boolean) SetIsTemplateKeyTipTarget(DependencyObject,Boolean)

Sets the value of the Control.IsTemplateKeyTipTarget XAML attached property for a target element.

(Inherited from Control)
SetValue(DependencyProperty,Object) SetValue(DependencyProperty,Object) SetValue(DependencyProperty,Object) SetValue(DependencyProperty,Object)

Sets the local value of a dependency property on a DependencyObject.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
SetYearDecadeDisplayDimensions(Int32, Int32) SetYearDecadeDisplayDimensions(Int32, Int32) SetYearDecadeDisplayDimensions(Int32, Int32) SetYearDecadeDisplayDimensions(Int32, Int32)

Sets the number of rows and columns to use in the Year and Decade display modes of the picker's CalendarView.

StartAnimation(ICompositionAnimationBase) StartAnimation(ICompositionAnimationBase) StartAnimation(ICompositionAnimationBase) StartAnimation(ICompositionAnimationBase)

Begins the specified animation on the element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
StartBringIntoView StartBringIntoView StartBringIntoView StartBringIntoView

Initiates a request to the XAML framework to bring the element into view within any scrollable regions it is contained within.

(Inherited from UIElement)
StartBringIntoView(BringIntoViewOptions) StartBringIntoView(BringIntoViewOptions) StartBringIntoView(BringIntoViewOptions) StartBringIntoView(BringIntoViewOptions)

Initiates a request to the XAML framework to bring the element into view using the specified options.

(Inherited from UIElement)
StartDragAsync(PointerPoint) StartDragAsync(PointerPoint) StartDragAsync(PointerPoint) StartDragAsync(PointerPoint)

Initiates a drag-and-drop operation.

(Inherited from UIElement)
StopAnimation(ICompositionAnimationBase) StopAnimation(ICompositionAnimationBase) StopAnimation(ICompositionAnimationBase) StopAnimation(ICompositionAnimationBase)

Stops the specified animation on the element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
TransformToVisual(UIElement) TransformToVisual(UIElement) TransformToVisual(UIElement) TransformToVisual(UIElement)

Returns a transform object that can be used to transform coordinates from the UIElement to the specified object.

(Inherited from UIElement)
TryInvokeKeyboardAccelerator(ProcessKeyboardAcceleratorEventArgs) TryInvokeKeyboardAccelerator(ProcessKeyboardAcceleratorEventArgs) TryInvokeKeyboardAccelerator(ProcessKeyboardAcceleratorEventArgs) TryInvokeKeyboardAccelerator(ProcessKeyboardAcceleratorEventArgs)

Attempts to invoke a keyboard shortcut (or accelerator) by searching the entire visual tree of the UIElement for the shortcut.

(Inherited from UIElement)
TryStartDirectManipulation(Pointer) TryStartDirectManipulation(Pointer) TryStartDirectManipulation(Pointer) TryStartDirectManipulation(Pointer)

Resumes direct manipulation processing (system-defined panning/zooming) on any ScrollViewer parent that contains the current UIElement.

(Inherited from UIElement)
UnregisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,Int64) UnregisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,Int64) UnregisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,Int64) UnregisterPropertyChangedCallback(DependencyProperty,Int64)

Cancels a change notification that was previously registered by calling RegisterPropertyChangedCallback.

(Inherited from DependencyObject)
UpdateLayout UpdateLayout UpdateLayout UpdateLayout

Ensures that all positions of child objects of a UIElement are properly updated for layout.

(Inherited from UIElement)


AccessKeyDisplayDismissed AccessKeyDisplayDismissed AccessKeyDisplayDismissed AccessKeyDisplayDismissed

Occurs when access keys should no longer be displayed.

(Inherited from UIElement)
AccessKeyDisplayRequested AccessKeyDisplayRequested AccessKeyDisplayRequested AccessKeyDisplayRequested

Occurs when the user requests that access keys be displayed.

(Inherited from UIElement)
AccessKeyInvoked AccessKeyInvoked AccessKeyInvoked AccessKeyInvoked

Occurs when a user completes an access key sequence.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ActualThemeChanged ActualThemeChanged ActualThemeChanged ActualThemeChanged

Occurs when the ActualTheme property value has changed.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
BringIntoViewRequested BringIntoViewRequested BringIntoViewRequested BringIntoViewRequested

Occurs when StartBringIntoView is called on this element or one of its descendants.

(Inherited from UIElement)
CalendarViewDayItemChanging CalendarViewDayItemChanging CalendarViewDayItemChanging CalendarViewDayItemChanging

Occurs when a CalendarViewDayItem is loading in the picker's CalendarView.

CharacterReceived CharacterReceived CharacterReceived CharacterReceived

Occurs when a single, composed character is received by the input queue.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Closed Closed Closed Closed

Occurs when the picker's CalendarView is hidden.

ContextCanceled ContextCanceled ContextCanceled ContextCanceled

Occurs when a context input gesture continues into a manipulation gesture, to notify the element that the context flyout should not be opened.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ContextRequested ContextRequested ContextRequested ContextRequested

Occurs when the user has completed a context input gesture, such as a right-click.

(Inherited from UIElement)
DataContextChanged DataContextChanged DataContextChanged DataContextChanged

Occurs when the value of the FrameworkElement.DataContext property changes.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
DateChanged DateChanged DateChanged DateChanged

Occurs when the date value is changed.

DoubleTapped DoubleTapped DoubleTapped DoubleTapped

Occurs when an otherwise unhandled DoubleTap interaction occurs over the hit test area of this element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
DragEnter DragEnter DragEnter DragEnter

Occurs when the input system reports an underlying drag event with this element as the target.

(Inherited from UIElement)
DragLeave DragLeave DragLeave DragLeave

Occurs when the input system reports an underlying drag event with this element as the origin.

(Inherited from UIElement)
DragOver DragOver DragOver DragOver

Occurs when the input system reports an underlying drag event with this element as the potential drop target.

(Inherited from UIElement)
DragStarting DragStarting DragStarting DragStarting

Occurs when a drag operation is initiated.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Drop Drop Drop Drop

Occurs when the input system reports an underlying drop event with this element as the drop target.

(Inherited from UIElement)
DropCompleted DropCompleted DropCompleted DropCompleted

Occurs when a drag-and-drop operation with this element as the source is ended.

(Inherited from UIElement)
EffectiveViewportChanged EffectiveViewportChanged EffectiveViewportChanged EffectiveViewportChanged

Occurs when the FrameworkElement 's effective viewport changes.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
FocusDisengaged FocusDisengaged FocusDisengaged FocusDisengaged

Occurs when focus is released from the control boundaries (for game pad/remote interaction).

(Inherited from Control)
FocusEngaged FocusEngaged FocusEngaged FocusEngaged

Occurs when focus is constrained within the control boundaries (for game pad/remote interaction).

(Inherited from Control)
GettingFocus GettingFocus GettingFocus GettingFocus

Occurs before a UIElement receives focus. This event is raised synchronously to ensure focus isn't moved while the event is bubbling.

(Inherited from UIElement)
GotFocus GotFocus GotFocus GotFocus

Occurs when a UIElement receives focus. This event is raised asynchronously, so focus can move again before bubbling is complete.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Holding Holding Holding Holding

Occurs when an otherwise unhandled Hold interaction occurs over the hit test area of this element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
IsEnabledChanged IsEnabledChanged IsEnabledChanged IsEnabledChanged

Occurs when the IsEnabled property changes.

(Inherited from Control)
KeyDown KeyDown KeyDown KeyDown

Occurs when a keyboard key is pressed while the UIElement has focus.

(Inherited from UIElement)
KeyUp KeyUp KeyUp KeyUp

Occurs when a keyboard key is released while the UIElement has focus.

(Inherited from UIElement)
LayoutUpdated LayoutUpdated LayoutUpdated LayoutUpdated

Occurs when the layout of the visual tree changes, due to layout-relevant properties changing value or some other action that refreshes the layout.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
Loaded Loaded Loaded Loaded

Occurs when a FrameworkElement has been constructed and added to the object tree, and is ready for interaction.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
Loading Loading Loading Loading

Occurs when a FrameworkElement begins to load.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
LosingFocus LosingFocus LosingFocus LosingFocus

Occurs before a UIElement loses focus. This event is raised synchronously to ensure focus isn't moved while the event is bubbling.

(Inherited from UIElement)
LostFocus LostFocus LostFocus LostFocus

Occurs when a UIElement loses focus. This event is raised asynchronously, so focus can move again before bubbling is complete.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ManipulationCompleted ManipulationCompleted ManipulationCompleted ManipulationCompleted

Occurs when a manipulation on the UIElement is complete.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ManipulationDelta ManipulationDelta ManipulationDelta ManipulationDelta

Occurs when the input device changes position during a manipulation.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ManipulationInertiaStarting ManipulationInertiaStarting ManipulationInertiaStarting ManipulationInertiaStarting

Occurs when the input device loses contact with the UIElement object during a manipulation and inertia begins.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ManipulationStarted ManipulationStarted ManipulationStarted ManipulationStarted

Occurs when an input device begins a manipulation on the UIElement.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ManipulationStarting ManipulationStarting ManipulationStarting ManipulationStarting

Occurs when the manipulation processor is first created.

(Inherited from UIElement)
NoFocusCandidateFound NoFocusCandidateFound NoFocusCandidateFound NoFocusCandidateFound

Occurs when a user attempts to move focus (via tab or directional arrows), but focus doesn't move because no focus candidate is found in the direction of movement.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Opened Opened Opened Opened

Occurs when the picker's CalendarView is shown.

PointerCanceled PointerCanceled PointerCanceled PointerCanceled

Occurs when a pointer that made contact abnormally loses contact.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PointerCaptureLost PointerCaptureLost PointerCaptureLost PointerCaptureLost

Occurs when pointer capture previously held by this element moves to another element or elsewhere.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PointerEntered PointerEntered PointerEntered PointerEntered

Occurs when a pointer enters the hit test area of this element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PointerExited PointerExited PointerExited PointerExited

Occurs when a pointer leaves the hit test area of this element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PointerMoved PointerMoved PointerMoved PointerMoved

Occurs when a pointer moves while the pointer remains within the hit test area of this element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PointerPressed PointerPressed PointerPressed PointerPressed

Occurs when the pointer device initiates a Press action within this element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PointerReleased PointerReleased PointerReleased PointerReleased

Occurs when the pointer device that previously initiated a Press action is released, while within this element. Note that the end of a Press action is not guaranteed to fire a PointerReleased event; other events may fire instead. For more info, see Remarks.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PointerWheelChanged PointerWheelChanged PointerWheelChanged PointerWheelChanged

Occurs when the delta value of a pointer wheel changes.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PreviewKeyDown PreviewKeyDown PreviewKeyDown PreviewKeyDown

Occurs when a keyboard key is pressed while the UIElement has focus.

(Inherited from UIElement)
PreviewKeyUp PreviewKeyUp PreviewKeyUp PreviewKeyUp

Occurs when a keyboard key is released while the UIElement has focus.

(Inherited from UIElement)
ProcessKeyboardAccelerators ProcessKeyboardAccelerators ProcessKeyboardAccelerators ProcessKeyboardAccelerators

Occurs when a keyboard shortcut (or accelerator) is pressed.

(Inherited from UIElement)
RightTapped RightTapped RightTapped RightTapped

Occurs when a right-tap input stimulus happens while the pointer is over the element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
SizeChanged SizeChanged SizeChanged SizeChanged

Occurs when either the ActualHeight or the ActualWidth property changes value on a FrameworkElement.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)
Tapped Tapped Tapped Tapped

Occurs when an otherwise unhandled Tap interaction occurs over the hit test area of this element.

(Inherited from UIElement)
Unloaded Unloaded Unloaded Unloaded

Occurs when this object is no longer connected to the main object tree.

(Inherited from FrameworkElement)

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