InkToolbar.ActiveTool InkToolbar.ActiveTool InkToolbar.ActiveTool InkToolbar.ActiveTool Property


Gets or sets the currently selected feature in the "tools" group of the InkToolbar (see remarks). This property provides access to the following objects:

Features in this group are mutually exclusive: selecting a feature deselects the currently active feature.


InkToolbarRulerButton and InkToolbarCustomToggleButton objects work in conjunction with the active feature and are not exposed to the ActiveTool property.

public : InkToolbarToolButton ActiveTool { get; set; }
InkToolbarToolButton ActiveTool();

void ActiveTool(InkToolbarToolButton activetool);
public InkToolbarToolButton ActiveTool { get; set; }
Public ReadWrite Property ActiveTool As InkToolbarToolButton

Property Value

The currently selected feature. By default, this is the first button on the InkToolbar.


The InkToolbar consists of two distinct groups of button types:

Feature selection is mutually exclusive.

Features are not mutually exclusive and can be used concurrently with other active tools.

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