MediaElement.IsFullWindow MediaElement.IsFullWindow MediaElement.IsFullWindow MediaElement.IsFullWindow Property


Gets a value that specifies if the MediaElement is rendering in full window mode. Setting this property enables or disables full window rendering.

public : Platform::Boolean IsFullWindow { get; set; }
bool IsFullWindow();

void IsFullWindow(bool isfullwindow);
public bool IsFullWindow { get; set; }
Public ReadWrite Property IsFullWindow As bool
<MediaElement IsFullWindow="bool" />

Property Value

bool bool

true if the MediaElement is in full window mode; otherwise, false. The default is false.


Setting and un-setting this property enables and disables full window rendering.

Always use the IsFullWindow property to enable and disable full window rendering. This ensures system level optimizations are used during media playback.

When in full-window mode, input events received on the MediaElement will still route through to the visual tree in the background. For example, if the MediaElement is in a ListBox, turning the scroll wheel could cause the ListBox to scroll in the background. This can cause unexpected behavior. If input events should not be routed when in full-window mode, the MediaElement should handle the events.