MediaElement.PosterSource MediaElement.PosterSource MediaElement.PosterSource MediaElement.PosterSource Property


Gets or sets the image source that is used for a placeholder image during MediaElement loading transition states.

public : ImageSource PosterSource { get; set; }
ImageSource PosterSource();

void PosterSource(ImageSource postersource);
public ImageSource PosterSource { get; set; }
Public ReadWrite Property PosterSource As ImageSource
<MediaElement PosterSource="imageUri" />

Property Value

An image source for a transition ImageBrush that is applied to the MediaElement content area.


A PosterSource is an image, such as a album cover or movie poster, that is displayed in place of video. It provides your MediaElement with a visual representation before the media is loaded, or when the media is audio only.

The PosterSource is displayed in the following situations:

  • When a valid source is not set. For example, Source is not set, Source is set to Null, or the source is invalid (as is the case when a MediaFailed event fires).
  • While media is loading. For example, a valid source is set, but the MediaOpened event has not fired yet.
  • While media is streaming to another device.
  • When the media is audio only.