SearchBox.SetLocalContentSuggestionSettings(LocalContentSuggestionSettings) SearchBox.SetLocalContentSuggestionSettings(LocalContentSuggestionSettings) SearchBox.SetLocalContentSuggestionSettings(LocalContentSuggestionSettings) SearchBox.SetLocalContentSuggestionSettings(LocalContentSuggestionSettings) Method


Specifies whether suggestions based on local files are automatically displayed in the search box suggestions, and defines the criteria that Windows uses to locate and filter these suggestions.

public : void SetLocalContentSuggestionSettings(LocalContentSuggestionSettings settings)
void SetLocalContentSuggestionSettings(LocalContentSuggestionSettings settings) const;
public void SetLocalContentSuggestionSettings(LocalContentSuggestionSettings settings)
Public Sub SetLocalContentSuggestionSettings(settings As LocalContentSuggestionSettings)


LocalContentSuggestionSettings LocalContentSuggestionSettings

The new settings for local content suggestions.


Here, suggestions are restricted to one kind of file, music files, using an AQS string. Two of the most common AQS filters restrict based on file kind, like "kind:music" in the example; and based on file name extension, like "ext:.mp3".

public MainPage()

    // Let Windows provide suggestions from local files.
    var settings = new Windows.ApplicationModel.Search.LocalContentSuggestionSettings();
    settings.Enabled = true;
    // Access to the music library requires that the Music Library capability
    // be declared in the app manifest .
    settings.AqsFilter = "kind:Music";


When local content suggestions are enabled, Windows provides search suggestions from the user's local files as the user enters query text. For example, a picture application can configure local content suggestions so that search suggestions come only from a particular kind of image file that is stored in the user's picture library.

To search a local library, the appropriate capability must be declared in the app manifest. For more info, see App capability declarations.