WebView.Focus(FocusState) WebView.Focus(FocusState) WebView.Focus(FocusState) WebView.Focus(FocusState) Method


Sets the input focus to the WebView.

public : Platform::Boolean Focus(FocusState value)
bool Focus(FocusState value) const;
public bool Focus(FocusState value)
Public Function Focus(value As FocusState) As bool


FocusState FocusState

A value that indicates how the focus was set.


bool bool

true if focus was set; otherwise, false.


In apps compiled for Windows 8, the WebView control automatically gets input focus whenever you use script to programmatically set the focus to some content in the WebView. In apps compiled for Windows 8.1, this does not occur automatically. Instead, you must call the Focus method to set the focus to the WebView control and also use script to set the focus to some content in the control.

When you call this method, you will typically pass in a FocusState value of Programmatic. Use the Pointer and Keyboard values when you call this method in response to direct user input. You cannot use this method to remove input focus from the control. The Unfocused value will throw an exception.