Windows.UI.Xaml.Documents Windows.UI.Xaml.Documents Windows.UI.Xaml.Documents Windows.UI.Xaml.Documents Windows.UI.Xaml.Documents Namespace

Provides basic text and document model classes.


Block Block Block Block Block

An abstract class that provides a base for all block-level content elements.

BlockCollection BlockCollection BlockCollection BlockCollection BlockCollection

Represents a collection of Block elements.

Bold Bold Bold Bold Bold

Provides an inline-level content element that causes content to render with a bold font weight.

ContactContentLinkProvider ContactContentLinkProvider ContactContentLinkProvider ContactContentLinkProvider ContactContentLinkProvider

Defines a ContentLink that contains a contact.

ContentLinkInvokedEventArgs ContentLinkInvokedEventArgs ContentLinkInvokedEventArgs ContentLinkInvokedEventArgs ContentLinkInvokedEventArgs

Provides event data for the ContentLink.Invoked event.

ContentLinkProvider ContentLinkProvider ContentLinkProvider ContentLinkProvider ContentLinkProvider

Defines the type of ContentLink used in a text control.

ContentLinkProviderCollection ContentLinkProviderCollection ContentLinkProviderCollection ContentLinkProviderCollection ContentLinkProviderCollection

Represents a collection of ContentLinkProvider objects that can be individually accessed by index.

Glyphs Glyphs Glyphs Glyphs Glyphs

Provides a visual representation of letters, characters, or symbols, in a specific font and style.

HyperlinkClickEventArgs HyperlinkClickEventArgs HyperlinkClickEventArgs HyperlinkClickEventArgs HyperlinkClickEventArgs

Provides data for the Hyperlink.Click event.

Inline Inline Inline Inline Inline

Provides a base class for inline text elements, such as Span and Run.

InlineCollection InlineCollection InlineCollection InlineCollection InlineCollection

Represents a collection of Inline elements.

InlineUIContainer InlineUIContainer InlineUIContainer InlineUIContainer InlineUIContainer

Provides an inline content element that enables UIElement types to be embedded in the content of a RichTextBlock.

Italic Italic Italic Italic Italic

Provides an inline-level flow content element that causes content to render with an italic font style.

LineBreak LineBreak LineBreak LineBreak LineBreak

Represents an inline element that causes a new line to begin in content when rendered in a text container.

Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph

Provides a block-level content element that is used to group content into a paragraph.

PlaceContentLinkProvider PlaceContentLinkProvider PlaceContentLinkProvider PlaceContentLinkProvider PlaceContentLinkProvider

Defines a ContentLink that contains a place.

Run Run Run Run Run

Represents a discrete section of formatted or unformatted text.

Span Span Span Span Span

Groups other Inline content elements. Parent class for Bold, Hyperlink, Italic and Underline.

TextElement TextElement TextElement TextElement TextElement

An abstract class used as the base class for the also-abstract Block and Inline classes. TextElement supports common API for classes involved in the XAML text object model, such as properties that control text size, font families and so on.

TextHighlighter TextHighlighter TextHighlighter TextHighlighter TextHighlighter

Represents an object that highlights one or more ranges of text.

TextHighlighterBase TextHighlighterBase TextHighlighterBase TextHighlighterBase TextHighlighterBase

The base class for TextHighlighter.

TextPointer TextPointer TextPointer TextPointer TextPointer

Represents a position within a text element.

Typography Typography Typography Typography Typography

Provides access to a set of Microsoft OpenType typography properties. These properties are implemented as XAML attached properties such that they can be set from text object model properties as well as from specific text controls.

Underline Underline Underline Underline Underline

Provides an inline-level content element that causes content to render with an underlined text decoration.


TextRange TextRange TextRange TextRange TextRange

Represents a selection of text content.


LogicalDirection LogicalDirection LogicalDirection LogicalDirection LogicalDirection

Specifies a logical direction in which to perform certain text operations, such as inserting, retrieving, or navigating through text relative to a specified position (a TextPointer ).

UnderlineStyle UnderlineStyle UnderlineStyle UnderlineStyle UnderlineStyle

Defines constants that specify the look of the underline used for an element.