Hyperlink.UnderlineStyle Property


Gets or sets a value that indicates what kind of underline is shown under the hyperlink.

Equivalent WinUI property: Microsoft.UI.Xaml.Documents.Hyperlink.UnderlineStyle.

 property UnderlineStyle UnderlineStyle { UnderlineStyle get(); void set(UnderlineStyle value); };
UnderlineStyle UnderlineStyle();

void UnderlineStyle(UnderlineStyle value);
public UnderlineStyle UnderlineStyle { get; set; }
var underlineStyle = hyperlink.underlineStyle;
hyperlink.underlineStyle = underlineStyle;
Public Property UnderlineStyle As UnderlineStyle

Property Value


An enumeration value that specifies what kind of underline is shown. The default is Single.


By default, Hyperlink elements are underlined with a single, solid line. To turn off the underline, set this property to None.

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