Span.Inlines Property


Gets an InlineCollection containing the top-level inline elements that include the contents of Span.

Equivalent WinUI property: Microsoft.UI.Xaml.Documents.Span.Inlines.

 property InlineCollection ^ Inlines { InlineCollection ^ get(); void set(InlineCollection ^ value); };
InlineCollection Inlines();

void Inlines(InlineCollection value);
public InlineCollection Inlines { get; set; }
var inlineCollection = span.inlines;
span.inlines = inlineCollection;
Public Property Inlines As InlineCollection
<Span ...>
<Span ...>

Property Value


An InlineCollection containing the inline elements that include the contents of the Span. This property has no default value.


Hyperlink has restrictions on the content that can exist in its Inlines colllection. Specifically, a Hyperlink only permits Run and other Span types that aren't another Hyperlink. InlineUIContainer can't be in the Inlines colllection of a Hyperlink. Attempting to add restricted content throws an invalid args exception or XAML parse exception.

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