Windows.UI.Xaml.Hosting Windows.UI.Xaml.Hosting Windows.UI.Xaml.Hosting Windows.UI.Xaml.Hosting Windows.UI.Xaml.Hosting Namespace

Provides services that are relevant for XAML design surfaces that are hosted in a larger application.


DesignerAppExitedEventArgs DesignerAppExitedEventArgs DesignerAppExitedEventArgs DesignerAppExitedEventArgs DesignerAppExitedEventArgs

Provides event data for the DesignerAppManager.DesignerAppExited event.

DesignerAppManager DesignerAppManager DesignerAppManager DesignerAppManager DesignerAppManager

Manages an application in a XAML design surface that runs in a regular UWP context, compared to the legacy designer which uses the XamlUIPresenter and runs in a Win32 process. The process is required to specify the NoUIEntryPoints-DesignModeV2 DisplayName property in the .APPX in order to be activated successfully in this mode. The launched application will not show up in the TaskBar or TaskView switcher.

DesignerAppView DesignerAppView DesignerAppView DesignerAppView DesignerAppView

Represents an app view in a XAML design surface.

DesktopWindowXamlSource DesktopWindowXamlSource DesktopWindowXamlSource DesktopWindowXamlSource DesktopWindowXamlSource

Enables a non-UWP desktop application (for example, a WPF or Windows Forms application) to host UWP controls in any UI element that is associated with a window handle (HWND).

DesktopWindowXamlSourceGotFocusEventArgs DesktopWindowXamlSourceGotFocusEventArgs DesktopWindowXamlSourceGotFocusEventArgs DesktopWindowXamlSourceGotFocusEventArgs DesktopWindowXamlSourceGotFocusEventArgs

Provides event data for the GotFocus event.

DesktopWindowXamlSourceTakeFocusRequestedEventArgs DesktopWindowXamlSourceTakeFocusRequestedEventArgs DesktopWindowXamlSourceTakeFocusRequestedEventArgs DesktopWindowXamlSourceTakeFocusRequestedEventArgs DesktopWindowXamlSourceTakeFocusRequestedEventArgs

Provides event data for the TakeFocusRequested event.

ElementCompositionPreview ElementCompositionPreview ElementCompositionPreview ElementCompositionPreview ElementCompositionPreview

Enables access to composition visual objects that back XAML elements in the XAML composition tree.

WindowsXamlManager WindowsXamlManager WindowsXamlManager WindowsXamlManager WindowsXamlManager

Represents the UWP XAML framework in a non-UWP desktop application (for example, a WPF or Windows Forms application) that hosts UWP controls.

XamlSourceFocusNavigationRequest XamlSourceFocusNavigationRequest XamlSourceFocusNavigationRequest XamlSourceFocusNavigationRequest XamlSourceFocusNavigationRequest

Provides information about a request to give focus to a DesktopWindowXamlSource object.

XamlSourceFocusNavigationResult XamlSourceFocusNavigationResult XamlSourceFocusNavigationResult XamlSourceFocusNavigationResult XamlSourceFocusNavigationResult

Provides data for a request to navigate focus to a DesktopWindowXamlSource object by using the NavigateFocus method.

XamlUIPresenter XamlUIPresenter XamlUIPresenter XamlUIPresenter XamlUIPresenter

Enables presenting a visual tree on a Microsoft Direct3D surface. This type is used for design tool hosting scenarios and is not intended for general use.


IXamlUIPresenterHost IXamlUIPresenterHost IXamlUIPresenterHost IXamlUIPresenterHost IXamlUIPresenterHost

Represents a service that resolves resources from an application. This interface is used for design tool hosting scenarios and is not intended for general use.

IXamlUIPresenterHost2 IXamlUIPresenterHost2 IXamlUIPresenterHost2 IXamlUIPresenterHost2 IXamlUIPresenterHost2

Extends IXamlUIPresenterHost to add GetGenericXamlFilePath.

IXamlUIPresenterHost3 IXamlUIPresenterHost3 IXamlUIPresenterHost3 IXamlUIPresenterHost3 IXamlUIPresenterHost3

Extends IXamlUIPresenterHost to add ResolveDictionaryResource.


DesignerAppViewState DesignerAppViewState DesignerAppViewState DesignerAppViewState DesignerAppViewState

Defines constants that specify whether the app view is visible or hidden.

XamlSourceFocusNavigationReason XamlSourceFocusNavigationReason XamlSourceFocusNavigationReason XamlSourceFocusNavigationReason XamlSourceFocusNavigationReason

Defines values that represent the reasons that the Windows.UI.Xaml.UIElement got focus in a desktop application that uses a DesktopWindowXamlSource object to host XAML-based UI. The XamlSourceFocusNavigationRequest.Reason property returns one of these values.