Windows.UI.Xaml.Interop Windows.UI.Xaml.Interop Windows.UI.Xaml.Interop Windows.UI.Xaml.Interop Windows.UI.Xaml.Interop Namespace

Provides basic types for cross-framework integration and interoperation. Notably, this includes interfaces and support types that enable binding patterns.


NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs

Provides the event data for a CollectionChanged event.

.NET This class appears as System.Collections.Specialized.NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs.


TypeName TypeName TypeName TypeName TypeName

Substitutes for System.Type such that type information reported by other APIs doesn't have a dependency on the common language runtime (CLR). This structure is used as a value by properties such as UnderlyingType and Type.

.NET When programming with .NET, this type is hidden and you should use the System.Type type. All Windows Runtime APIs that use a TypeName per the raw IDL signatures will instead use System.Type values when you use the API with .NET code.

C++/WinRT You can use the winrt::xaml_typename<T>() helper function to create a TypeName object. See winrt::xaml_typename function template for more details, and a code example.


IBindableIterable IBindableIterable IBindableIterable IBindableIterable IBindableIterable

Extends IIterable to enable data-binding infrastructure requirements.

.NET This interface appears as System.Collections.IEnumerable.

IBindableIterator IBindableIterator IBindableIterator IBindableIterator IBindableIterator

Supports bindable iteration over a collection.

IBindableObservableVector IBindableObservableVector IBindableObservableVector IBindableObservableVector IBindableObservableVector

Extends IBindableVector by adding a VectorChanged event for change notification.

IBindableVector IBindableVector IBindableVector IBindableVector IBindableVector

Represents a writeable vector collection of objects that is bindable.

.NET This interface appears as System.Collections.IList.

IBindableVectorView IBindableVectorView IBindableVectorView IBindableVectorView IBindableVectorView

Represents a read-only vector collection of objects that is bindable.

INotifyCollectionChanged INotifyCollectionChanged INotifyCollectionChanged INotifyCollectionChanged INotifyCollectionChanged

Provides a collection-changed pattern interface for C++ bindable classes.

.NET This interface appears as System.Collections.Specialized.INotifyCollectionChanged.


NotifyCollectionChangedAction NotifyCollectionChangedAction NotifyCollectionChangedAction NotifyCollectionChangedAction NotifyCollectionChangedAction

Describes the action that caused a CollectionChanged event.

.NET This type appears as System.Collections.Specialized.NotifyCollectionChangedAction.

TypeKind TypeKind TypeKind TypeKind TypeKind

Provides basic guidance about the origin of a type. Used as a value by TypeName.


BindableVectorChangedEventHandler BindableVectorChangedEventHandler BindableVectorChangedEventHandler BindableVectorChangedEventHandler BindableVectorChangedEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the VectorChanged event.

NotifyCollectionChangedEventHandler NotifyCollectionChangedEventHandler NotifyCollectionChangedEventHandler NotifyCollectionChangedEventHandler NotifyCollectionChangedEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the CollectionChanged event.

.NET This interface appears as System.Collections.Specialized.NotifyCollectionChangedEventHandler.