SyndicationFeed.PreviousUri Property


Gets the previous Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) in the sequence. This property represents the atom:link element with attribute rel="previous".

 property Uri ^ PreviousUri { Uri ^ get(); };
Uri PreviousUri();
public System.Uri PreviousUri { get; }
var uri = syndicationFeed.previousUri;
Public ReadOnly Property PreviousUri As Uri

Property Value

Uri Uri

The atom:link element with attribute rel=”previous”. It is the absolute Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) resolved against the xml:base attribute, if it is present. If the href attribute is a relative Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) string and there is no xml:base attribute, this property will be null because the relative Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) is not supported by the runtime Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) class.

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