Microsoft Interface Definition Language 3.0 reference

Microsoft Interface Definition Language (MIDL) 3.0 is a simplified, modern, familiar syntax for declaring Windows Runtime types inside Interface Definition Language (.idl) files.

// BookSku.idl
namespace Bookstore
    runtimeclass BookSku
        String Title;

As of version 10.0.17134.0 (Windows 10, version 1803), the Windows SDK includes command-line support for MIDL 3.0 (midl.exe version 8.01.0622 or later, used with the /winrt switch).

Use cases for MIDL 3.0

Interface Definition Language (IDL) began with the Distributed Computing Environment/Remote Procedure Calls (DCE/RPC) system. The original MIDL 1.0 is DCE/RPC IDL with enhancements for declaring COM interfaces and coclasses. An updated 2.0 syntax was then developed within Microsoft to declare Windows Runtime APIs for the Windows platform. MIDL 3.0 is a much simpler and more modern way of declaring Windows Runtime APIs, and you can use it in your projects, particularly to declare C++/WinRT runtime classes.

Topic Description
Introduction to MIDL 3.0 An introduction to Microsoft Interface Definition Language 3.0.
Synthesizing interfaces (MIDL 3.0) This topic describes how the MIDL 3.0 compiler synthesizes and adds interfaces, as necessary.
Predefined attributes (MIDL 3.0) There are a number of pre-defined custom attributes that allow you to control the name and IID for compiler-synthesized interfaces.
Troubleshooting MIDL 3.0 issues A table of troubleshooting symptoms and remedies.