Logo (Windows 10)

A path to a file that contains an image.

Element hierarchy




  A string between 1 and 256 characters in length that ends with ".jpg", ".png", or ".jpeg" that can't contain these characters: <, >, :, ", |, ?, or *. In this string, the / and \ characters can't be the first or last characters. Also, the string can contain / or \ but not both.


Attributes and Elements



Child Elements


Parent Elements

Parent Element Description

Defines additional metadata about the package including attributes that describe how the package appears to users.

Note You may get an error if the manifest elements DisplayName or Description contain characters disallowed by the Windows firewall; namely β€œ|” and β€œall”, due to which Windows fails to create the AppContainer profile for the package . Use this reference for troubleshooting if you get an error.


The logo image can be given as either a direct path to an image file or as a resource. By using a resource reference, you can supply images of different scales so that Windows can choose the best size for the device and screen resolution. You can also supply high contrast images for accessibility and localized images to match different UI languages. For more info, see the Globalization topic.